New York New York!!

Hi my lovely people.. I am sure all of you would have eased into the New Year by now and started with work & stuff. I am still far away from home and kind of home sick now so can’t wait to re-unite with my friends & family. I am also missing my gym & aching to get back into my workout mode cos you will not even believe how much I have hogged in this trip. Having said that I really enjoyed this break which I so desperately needed. It just helped me to step back, reassess my goals and focus on things that are really important to me. Well, I won’t say I am all wise and grown up but every small step is a step towards something bigger. Right? I know I have always maintained that I am not the person to make any resolutions but this year I thought I will try to make some.
The very first one is to “Believe” & I mean really believe in myself. As they say “Believe & it shall happen.” I have this tendency to question my own self & create self doubts. That I want to totally change. So taking baby steps towards it.
Secondly to be more Positive & Happy. It is kind of related to the first one. I like to think that I am a positive person but sometimes my over thinking mind makes me think of worse. so yeah not gonna happen from now on. I want to focus on good rather than bad in any situation. Good vibes only :-)
Lastly I want to Inspire others in every possible way I can. I try to do it in my own small way through my blog & I want to continue doing that. I want to focus more on my work and keep doing better. I started this blog with the sole intention of sharing things that I know and bringing them to all of you just the way I see them. Therefore I concentrate a lot on the kind of content that I post on the blog be it my finds or my travels or my style or my tips. I love to share it exactly the way I feel for them. Ofcourse I lack a lot in terms of photography & editorial content but I am striving everyday to make it better and better. As someone who is never content & pushing myself to do better than the best I am excited to see what 2015 has got in store for me.

I thought I will start this New Year by bringing to you a jumble of photos to reflect my state of mind while visiting the city that I love the most. Though I was terribly jetlagged but in my excitement to explore the city on my own I quickly found my feet, adapted to the timeline and gallivanted on the streets of City that Never sleeps. Being out n out city girl & having visited quite a few big ones might I say I still hopelessly remain  in love with New York.

Enjoy the pictures and once again wish you all a very Happy 2015

NYC Diary 1

NYC Diary 2

NYC Diary 3

NYC Diary 4

NYC Diary 5

NYC Diary 6

NYC Diary 7

NYC Diary 8

NYC Diary 9

NYC Diary 10

NYC Diary 11

NYC Diary 12

NYC Diary 13

NYC Diary 14

NYC Diary 15

NYC Diary 16

NYC Diary 17

NYC Diary 18

NYC Diary 19

NYC Diary 20

NYC Diary 21

NYC Diary 22

NYC Diary 23

NYC Diary 24

NYC Diary 25

NYC Diary 26

NYC Diary 27

NYC Diary 28

NYC Diary 29

NYC Diary 30

NYC Diary 31

NYC Diary 32

NYC Diary 33

NYC Diary 34

NYC Diary 35

NYC Diary 36

Hope you all got a flavor of NYC the way I saw it. I was there for a week but for me its never enough. I still want to go back and spend some more time there :-)
Do let me know if you enjoyed the pictures

Lots of love & good wishes

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2 thoughts on “New York New York!!”

  1. What photography!
    You have managed to capture the vibe, essence & spirit of the city.
    A lot of people click good snaps…Great ones capture the story.

    Waiting for your post

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