Neutral IS the new Casual.

Cosmetic brush for applying the powder
Hi my Gorgeous Girls. How r u doing and hope you enjoying my posts. If you like them follow me on this blog and my FB page and yess  do comment :-) I would love to know what you think.

Ok so today I thought will talk about my Go to Make Up look – the neutral look. What am I usually wearing when going out in the day and how you can convert it to a night look. I know many of u do NOT make an effort when stepping out even for a casual dinner but that’s the point. You see Neutral is the new Casual.

Many and let me tell u manyyyy associate being fashionable with being vain but that’s not true. You can be as intelligent as Indra Nooyi or Michelle Obama and yet be fashionable. Aren’t they??
See, you do need to make a first impression and that’s where looking presentable does matter. Nothing over the top just plain neutral. It looks so soft and makes you look fresh and younger. Now who doesn’t want that?? Aren’t we all trying to reverse our age post 35 hahaha. Yiiikes why are we talking about Age??

Anyways, coming back to the point. With a heavy dose of smoky eyes and bright lips doing the rounds, its actually refreshing to see the Neutral look.

Aren’t these girls looking gorgeous??
The best thing about this look is you can wear it casually during the day like Michelle Williams , get a little dressy like Leighton or go completely glam for the night like Charlize. 

I will just take you through my regular make up routine and if you are just getting started then grab ur seat cos I am in a mood to spill the beans.

The key to the neutral look is a clean glowing face so drink water, eat healthy blah blah blah. Yeah Yeah do all that and this.
To begin with Apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Now that’s the basic I don’t need to tell u. Do I ?
Lets get started :

1. Apply a face primer. Girls its very important. Its not a marketing gimmick. It does work. A primer helps the make up to glide in smoothly ( will do a separate post on my 2-3 favorite primers)
2. Apply a foundation (cream / powder ) whichever you like. A light dewy liquid foundation is good. During the day you just need something light so dont go for full coverage ones. Instead go for sheer or medium coverage. Buy 2 foundations one for the day other for the night. Choose them very wisely. I keep looking for the best ones that will suit me. Its a trial and error till u find the perfect one.
Apply a bit of a concealer to hide the dark circles.

3. Pat a little bit of loose powder for the make up to stay.
4. Apply the eyeshadows in earthy colors.

If you are interested in knowing about my eye make up routine & how to apply eye make up click on the link- How to apply Eye Make Up – Basics? >>>  else keep reading.

The principle is simple during the day take softer pinks/ lavenders / beiges as ur lid color and just apply a crease color and highlight color. In the Night go for Golds, Bronze or Copper looks. Even metallic colors in these hues look gorgeous. Smoke it up with a darker color. You can also just apply these colors all over the lid and a highlight color if you dont want to do smoky or something dramatic.
Curl ur lashes. Put on loads of mascara (very important for instant glam)

If you want your eyes to look more alive during the day and not use kohl at all, apply an eye brightener in the lower waterline and also a little in the inner corner of the eye. Your eyes will pop. You may also use a white /silver eye pencil but be light handed. During night if you don’t want a very heavy kohl look, apply eye pencil in bronze / copper shade in the water line depending on what color shadow you are wearing.

I use Benefit’s Eye Brightener in the day. I am in love with Benefit products :-) Their packaging is phenomenal and some of the products are too good. Will do a post on them separately.

5. Moving on to the face add a hint of blush either in soft pink or coral color on the apples of ur cheek. If you want the effect of lifted cheekbones, Apply a little darker blush under the hollows of ur cheek in upward motion. Girls who are well versed with make up can use a bronzer. Go easy on bronzers.

6. Use a highlighter on ur cheekbones for a glowy effect. Try Benefit’s HighBeam. It is super (available at The Beauty Bar TBB in Bombay) and my other favorite is Bobby Brown’s Shimmer brick. You can use from any other brand.
My Tip : If u don’t want to invest in a highlighter right now. Just use a neutral shimmery eyeshadow as a highligher on your cheekbones. It can work 2 in 1 

7. Apply a nude lipstick. The trick is to chose the right color or you can look totally washed out in this neutral look so try and find the one that makes u look alive. It could be peachy nude, Pinkish nude or brownish nude.. My favorites are Angel and Viva Glam V from MAC. Dab on some lip gloss and Yayyyy u are ready to take on the world.
My Tip : For doing nude lips just apply a dot of concealer on the lips. It helps to get rid of their natural color and you have a plain canvas to apply the color on. Ain’t that cool.

These steps might look a lot to you but believe you me, once you get a hang of it. It takes max 7-8 min to get it on and makes u look great whether at a casual lunch with friends, or in a Boardroom delivering an important presentation or for a night out in the city.
Now there are tons of make- up looks. This is the simplest and most basic according to me. If you want to learn more, the internet is your playground. Go Play and learn new stuff everyday.
I will also keep posting regularly about things I know.

The whole idea is that Neutral is in and there is nothing like casual these days. So my lovely girlfriends please invest sometime in urself and figure out what looks best on you cos everyone has different skin tone, texture, color, features. You are the best judge of yourselves. Don’t be shy

I hope you derived something from this article. Th reason I did this post on Friday is so you get enough time to practice this look on the weekend :-) Do let me know how that worked out for you and Post comments and keep Reading!!

A very important note to all my girlfriends.
Girls, I am just making you aware of the trends here be it shoes, bags, makeups, clothes etc and how I have adapted to them. I am not asking you to buy anything I use nor am I promoting any products. I am trying to give you references so that you make a conscious choice. You can get this information from magazines / internet. I am just trying to simplify it and make it real for you. You can buy any brand, any product that is not important. What is important is that you look for these trends anywhere. Infact I would encourage you to tell me what all you have or bought so that everyone gets benefitted including me.

Love u all

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6 thoughts on “Neutral IS the new Casual.”

  1. Can u give us some examples as to what colours should constitute an ideal neutral palette , picking the best ones from some good brands available in India like Mac,Inglotetc.

  2. One of my favorite colors in MAC for golden look is Wood Winked. U must pick it up.For crease stick to cork or wedge depending on ur skin tone. Highlight color buy Rice paper and Naked Launch. U can also try their bronze. Inglot has some amazing eyeshadows. They are so pigmented. They dont have the name of the shades but numbers. I am afraid wouldn’t remember their shade numbers but go to an Inglot store and try out in their earthy shades. Infact you could tell us what all u bought. I definitely recommend Inglot eyeshadows. They are beautiful. I have couple of them but i luv their metallic copper color. Hope it helps. I will try to post more later.

  3. The revlon(cream) and lakme(powder) palette of four shades is quite good.I personally like the blue and the purple palette from lakme.It gives you a good range in the same colour family.
    Have tried the Inglot eye primer and it did make a difference and the shades stayed longer without smudging.

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