Neon Brights

Heyyy People.. Its the weekend agggain. Time to go out. So did anyone try out my smokey eyes. Did it work for u all?? Ok, If you found it a little hard or had no time to try out, I will tell you one more super hot look for eyes which you can try on yourself. I am totally loving the brights on my eyes.

It is colors, It is fun and takes your look to a whole new level. You can use a liquid, pencil, gel or even an eye shadow to create a thick line on your lids and that’s it. Keep the rest of the look natural and simple.

There are a lot of colors to play with and this look was huge this time on the runways. Depending on the color of your complexion, choose the right color that looks good on you
You can go for a winged line if you have the time and have practiced it by now, if not you can refer to Its Natty to be Catty

My Tip : Neon Liners are bright colors unlike brown and black which kind of blend in your skin after application and do not show in creases and all. With neon you have to be a bit careful about application. Keep your eyes closed for sometime after applying or it will smudge and ensure that it doesn’t crease else it will be a make up faux pas.

Have a great weekend and yes FuFie of the month coming up on Monday so keep reading FuF

Much Love

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