Nailing it !!!

French Glitter
Hi My Gorgeous Girls (GGs).. These days everyone wants to try something new and different.. 2 of the Nail trends that I would like to talk about are :
Glitter Glitter on your Nails
So,the new thing I discovered are the glitter Gel nails. They are oh so beautiful. It is a welcome change if you seem to be bored with your regular French acrylics or pink and white gels. There are variety of beautiful colors available to chose from. You can either go French with them or apply all over. They look beautiful

PS : They are not nail polishes so can’t do on your own but these are gel treatments and done by professionals. Just like Pink and white fills or acrylics they stay till your nails grow out and you have to go for constant refills.
In Mumbai you can do them at Nail Spa and cost approx. Rs 200 per nail
Over All Glitter

I got mine done as French in various colors but currently am  wearing pink overall glitter gels.. Sorry my nails are growing out but whaddaya think???

Another bonus is that you can wear any other color polish on them if u wish to for some occasion and can easily remove with a nail polish remover.. Voila u get ur glitter back.
Cracked Nails

A 90s look making its come back – Crack or Shatter nails. It was launched by Covergirl in 1990s but allegedly the formula wasn’t perfected well cos it didn’t crackle as desired. But, yes its made a comeback.
Crack polish is a top coat applied to your regular polish and gives a crackled effect on finish. If you want more cracks use a thinner paint but if you wish deeper cracks use a thicker coat.

The 2 most popular brands that are recommended are OPI & China glaze.  Go to your nearest Salon and enquire about them.

I know OPI has come out with a Katy Perry and Selena Williams range too which looks beautiful.
In Mumbai of course I know Nail Spa and Nail bar has OPI & China Glaze but I doubt that the new OPI collections are available in India
So Gorgeous Girls if you know of any places where these polishes might be available, cmon share with me in this blog.
Also if you know of any other interesting stuff going out there pertaining to nails, I  would definitely like to know
Anyone aware, if Shellac has come to India???


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