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My latest trip in life is to push my Nail salon to try something new with my nails. Every time I go to them my first question is “So, What’s new?” While I pride myself into pushing them to come up with something new and provide perfect canvas (read as my nails) to experiment on, I am pretty much sure that they must be dreading having me as a client ;-)
The problem is that we do not have very many options available in India to play around with so you get limited with the choices. I keep seeing some breathtakingly beautiful manicures / nails on Ramps or on variety of these nail blogs and keep wondering how does one get them. Then when you go to your nail salon you are stuck with very few choices to try on. Lately I have started asking for options from the girls in my salon and after constant pressing & plodding I do manage to get something new. My experiments may not always turn out to be great but I am happy to keep trying. So my point is that incase you are someone like me who is not very happy with just painting your nails Red or Blue or Yellow every time you want something different. Don’t be afraid to ask for options and try on something new.
Believe you me I have tried Zebra prints, Stripes, Polka dots and whatever we can come up with. Sometimes it works and many a times it falls flat but it’s just a polish. One can always remove it and move on with life. Atleast I tried :-)


I have recently developed new found love for Glitters. They have been around for a while but it’s now that I have understood the potential of glitter. You don’t have to apply one sparkly nail polish or a glitter coat. The art is in layering.. Yes you read it right, it’s about layering on your nails too. Whether you mix n match 2 shimmery colors or apply coats of glitter on a single nail polish, it just gives a beautiful effect. I am sure most of you would know about it and may have tried it on too but I haven’t seen too many people with it so I thought will share what I have learnt.
All you do is paint a color on your nails say pink and then apply this glitter on top. Sparkles don’t need to be full on. Depending on how much glitter you want, apply the number of coats. Voila! Sparkle which is hard to miss.
Apply black polish and then this multicolor glitter. How cool is that!!
or it could be as subtle as this one with just a single layer of glitter on top.


I recently tried it on my nails and believe me a lot of people stopped me to know how it is done. Do I need to say I was very impressed with myself. I am sure if any of my friend would have seen me would have noticed my swagger (wink*wink)

I also tried a gold glitter french with nude nails. It looks pretty decent. 

A Word of caution from my experience : It’s a pain to remove glitter from your nails. It doesn’t come off so easily from a remover. You might not want to go through this pain so get it removed in a salon
The next thing on my list is Matte nails. Again something that’s been there but I learnt very recently. All you need is any Matte surface coat that you apply over your polish to mattify it. So you could wear it just as shown in the picture by alternating between matte and gloss or you could try it in french version. Both look beautiful to me. Now I just need to procure this Matte surface coat for myself from somewhere cos my salon does not have it. Does anyone know if its available in Bombay??
Source : thelacquerfiles
Source : chrissyai
& I finally got it done after finding the Mattifying coat at Colorbar (edited on 3rd Feb 2013)
PS : My nail color is not black, it’s Ox Blood (Colorbar Shade #031 Vamp). It’s a beauuuuutiful shade

So, the point I am trying to drive across is that next time you go for a manicure do try out something new with your nails. Anything that will make people notice them. It could be as simple as what I did last time. I got a multicolored french and everyone noticed. It just gives you a break from something Normal and Normal IS Boring

or french polish in dual tone colors


With plethora of options available in the market, all you need is a little bit of research and inclination and your nails will never go unnoticed


Hope you will try out something new next time and if you do I trust you will share it with me. I will do the same :-)


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