My top 8 Fall/ Winter 2012 essentials

A big hello to all you lovely people out there, I am so happy with the response I received for Street Style Rocker. It feels nice to see one of your own being applauded for their sense of style. Isn’t it. Yeah so keep sending your pictures and I will keep uploading the best.
Last few posts I have been talking about what’s hot for the Fall season. Recently I went to a very fashion forward Singapore and had the chance to look at what was available in the stores and I was very happy that I have been able to guide you all in the right direction through my limited knowledge.
Nevertheless thought will give a quick summary of certain must haves this season to help you glide from fall to winter looking sexy, stylish & trendy. 
So given below are 8 of my Fall/ Winter essentials

1. Ox blood :
Tuck away your blacks and greys and play with colors. People, this is the color of the season. It is there in every store I stepped into from clothes, to shoes to bags. Its a very beautiful deep burgundy, maroon color but choose carefully cos in some material it doesen’t  look so great. I feel the color comes out very nicely if there is a little sheen.

2. Hunter green
Another must have color for the season apart from Oxblood. Very pretty and wearable color. Reflects a little military feel. You could pick up a camouflage version in shirts or trousers.
For more refer here

3. Leather
I cannot even begin to tell you how big leather is. If you don’t believe me just step inside ZARA and almost 60% store is either leather skirts, tops, pants OR accentuated by leather in form of pockets, pipings, sleeves etc. So was the case with some of the other high street stores like Topshop or A/X.
for more Refer here

4. Statement Necklace
Ha! I have already told you all about my fascination for statement necklaces in “Make a statement”. Did you pick up one for yourself yet??? If not then do that right away. The bib necklaces are a huge deal.

5. Animal Print
Well another big fascination, you just can’t escape Animal prints and there are lovely versions of the same available almost everywhere.

6. Slouchy pants
Slouchy pants are the flavor of the season. They are slightly loosely hung around your hips and give a very casual and comfy vibe. Some of the versions have draw strings attached and look really cool. These are the new flavor of the season but I feel work very well on people who are slim and tall. It doesn’t work for me but I love them. Incase you have the right proportions do pick up one for yourself.

7. Biker Boots
Boots are definitely a must have in my list but this season Biker boots are huge. They have a rugged look to them and look great with jeans or tights. Steve Madden has a couple of them. They could be laced or studded depending on what you like

8. Red Lips
Last but not the least, this winter go bold with a bold RED color on your lips. It’s the most smashing beauty trend and looks unbelievably sexy.

Hope you ready to get into winters with these essentials. If not, Winters are still away. Time to shop!!


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