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A lot of people keep asking me about my Neck Piercing and i see some squirming on seeing it as if I have subjected myself to some kind of torture hahaha. so I thought I will answer a few Questions that I constantly kept getting asked personally or otherwise. Also Body Piercing and Body Art are personal choices. I am in no way discouraging or encouraging anyone. Just clearing some doubts

Q : Is it a piercing or a stick on??
A : Yes its a piercing. It is called Dermal Insertion or Surface Piercing.

Q : Did it hurt a lot while getting one?
A : Actually its done under local anaesthesia so except for a needle prick you don’t feel anything. it’s only once the anaesthesia wears off, you might feel a slight discomfort for a day or two.

Q : How long does it take?
A : Hardly 15 min and please go to an EXPERT only


Q : Is it difficult to take care of?
A : Like a normal ear piercing which you do not realise, this one can get a bit tricky cos you have to be super super careful with it especially while wearing / taking out clothes. Also people like me who tend to use a lot of computer and work from bed (totally not cool) end up in postures that may not be very suitable for the piercing like chin touching the chest while working on the laptop. That can cause the piercing to come out slowly from the skin. This can happen with navel piercings too. SO Yes you do have to be careful with it. BTW I had to get it done the 3rd time because it would keep coming out and the first time I wasn’t careful at all. Now I try and take care.

Q : What is the After care?
A : Apply turmeric and some mustard oil for the wound to heal but be very careful cos the turmeric can get stuck in the stud so apply with a cotton bud slowly and carefully.

Q : would you do it again
A : I already did it 3 times!!!

Q : Where to get it done
A : If you live in Mumbai I would only recommend Als Tattoo & Piercing salon in Bandra. Anywhere else I recommend to do a thorough research before you go only because it involves Anaesthesia and needles and it’s not a child’s play so everyone cannot do it. ┬áThat goes for tattoos too.. Please be careful.

Hope I answered all your doubts

Stay Stylish

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