My Fashion Week Essentials !!

Fashion Weeks are fun but can be exhausting too with shows after shows to catch. Updating social media, doing a few shoots in between, catching up with people & walking in heels all the time. Let’s face it , it does tend to get hectic sometimes but I love the madness cos it is my passion. Since I have been fortunate to attend a few Fashion weeks I have my own list of Essentials that one should carry to survive these 5 days.
Phone & a Phone Charger : Your phone is the most important item else how will you show off on all those social media networks :-) Also important to find people and not get lost. A phone charger is God’s greatest gift cos no phone and I really mean no phone can survive the onslaught of Fashion Week!!
Camera : A small point and shoot cos you cannot tug along a huge DSLR with those sexy cute skimpy outfits. Total No No. Something that can nicely fit in your clutch or a bag. I love my Samsung. I usually end up taking selfies.
Sunglasses : I am obsessed with Sunglasses. I always carry a pair with me. Believe it or not a photograph with your sunglasses at Fashion Week is a must!! Call me Shallow :-)
Diary : A small one to take notes if needed.
Watch : To be on time for the shows. It’s either on me or in my purse.
Compact / Lip Gloss : You do need a quick touch up in between those shows to keep you looking fabulous.
Perfume : I hate and absolutely hate Body odour. I ensure that I have a small bottle handy to dab on a little whenever needed. A woman should always smell great.
Band Aids : Those heels are callous. They are a killer but they are essential. I cannot do without them so I carry lots of Band Aids to survive my shoe bites. Feet in your heels and smile on your face – you are ready to conquer the world!
Safety Pins : Carry a few to avoid wardrobe malfunctions
Facial Tissues : Cmon it’s hot out there, you need something to wipe that sweat off your dazzling face.
These were few of my essentials. I am off to LFW again.. will keep you all updated.
Stay Stylish
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