My Chequered obsession

You know there are certain things that you are obsessed with. You just like them so much that no matter what ,your eyes just go there. Does it happen to you. Well, shoes are not counted cos if you aren’t obsessed with them then u need to go see a doc asap :-) Apart from that do u have any obsession?Mine are with checks.  I just love that pattern no matter what. The best thing about this pattern is that It is not specific to any season and its evergreen so you can sport it any time of the year. Whether Gingham or Plaid or Tartan I love them all. Although this trend came back last season with a bang and was seen a lot on catwalks, it has been there forever.

First of all what’s the difference between Gingham and Plaid. To begin with, both are from the same family of checks

Gingham is a checkerboard pattern that never varies in style, whereas plaid is of Scottish ancestry and the check was similar to a coat of arms; each check varied from clans, regions and/or districts.
Tartan is a form of plaid and is is a multi colored check pattern. Gingham on the other hand is limited to three (block, shaded and usually white). Gingham checks are always equal squares, while plaids vary from square to rectangle

So next time you see checks I am sure you can identify the pattern Right?

Plaid has traditionally been a winter print but thanks to fashion industry it has been incorporated in summer wear as well by changing the material be it cotton, sheer or silk
Personally I love check shirts. They are available in all kinds of checks and colors. I feel they give a very cool and comfy vibe. They have the capacity to make you look grungy or sophisticated.
Wear them with jeans or shorts an you are good to go.


Pippa Middleton  and Jessica Alba have incorporated it in their casual style and how cool do they look


Opt for checkered bottoms

or as a dress

On the runway

I picked up a couple of this pattern from Abercrombie and Fitch , Hollister and Promod last year so I have a lot of these in my cupboard but I love it so much that whenever I see them on the racks I have to pick them up. Infact I made by husband buy a couple of these patterns from GANT & Tommy Hilfiger. They have an awesome collection this summer. Yeah so you can take ur husbands or boyfriends for some retail therapy.

There is nothing much to say about this pattern except for that you should have one or two in your closet or in your life this summer in some form or the other.

Love you all


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