My 8 Way to look Taller in a Picture!!


One question that I get a lot from my readers on Social Media or otherwise besides “Is that a piercing on your neck??” is “How tall are you?” or when someone sees me in person “Oh you look taller in your pictures”. I am not sure if i should be taking it as a compliment or feeling bad about it :-) :-(
Standing not so tall at just about 5’3″ I have kind of mastered the trick to look taller than my natural height. I guess it came from spending so many years getting photographed for my blog.
I recently again heard this comment so thought would be great to let you all in on the tricks I use to lengthen my frame for the pics. I learnt these over time and after many trials and errors (feel free to browse thru my earlier snaps) found what works best for me. Try these out next time for your pics & let me know how it goes. Remember you may not get them right the first time but you will eventually get a hang of it. And if people start complimenting you on your frame you know whom to thank.
Practice makes a man Perfect so happy clicking people.


1. Take your pics from a lower angle
This I think is the be all and end all of taking a great pic.  A good photographer and a very good angle. This creates an illusion of longer legs. Never take top to bottom, it will make you look stunted and wider. I usually refrain from asking a tall person to take my pics. If you taking from phone camera just ask the person to adjust the phone a little below your waist level or eye level but never above that. Trust me those pics don’t come nice. The lower, the better. Figure out which angle looks best.
I will tell you one more trick – Using your phone camera on a Tripod works very well. I have mastered that Art. They make my legs look mile longer. Just adjust the angle.
Anther trick is to ask your children (not a tall child but someone shorter than you) to take a pic. Since they are shorter than you, it will almost everytime come taller


2. Stretch yourself a little
If you have a short torso like me, stretching gives the effect of a taller frame. Maybe stretch your arms up or throw your head back or lean a little backwards



3. Maintain a good posture
Remember your mom screaming at you “Do not hunch”. Well that works later in life. If you hunch you look short and not confident at all. Throw those shoulders behind. You will be surprised how tall , slim & confident you look.. even I need to practice this more often.



4. Wear Nude heels
I almost never ever photograph myself without heels. They just help me lengthen my frame and give me that confidence. I do NOT feel confident in flats and if you wearing Nude heels they will just add that extra length you need.



5.Wearing shorter lengths.
I actually live in shorts. its mainly because I hate jeans in this weather. And secondly shorter lengths make my legs look taller. Play with the part you feel is your asset. If you have a longer torso. Wear crops. They will again make you look taller. Or wear Maxis. They too give an illusion of longer legs. I totally refrain from wearing anything that cuts on my knees or little below them. It almost always makes me look short. So work those legs and show them off for a longer leaner look.


6. Say Yes to High Waisted bottoms
High waisted trousers/ skirts or shorts give the illusion of your legs starting higher up on your body and make you look taller. Like these Promod Trousers I picked recently from their latest collection.


7. Cover the whole frame
Unless you trying to show Eiffel tower or Qutub Minar in the background or its a perspective shot, try and cover the frame. That way there is no comparative distraction and you stand tall.



8. Work a Pose
Lastly you are the best judge of which pose makes you look better. Some argue that crossing your legs and standing makes you look taller but I always stand with my legs a little apart and tilt my body a little. I feel its a much stronger & confident Body language like below 2 pics. which one looks better according to you?



Top : Zara(currently available), Trousers : Promod(currently available) , Heels : Steve Madden
Pics : Dimple Rana

So these were few of my tricks. Hope I have been able to enlighten you all. About my outfit like I mentioned I am loving this high waisted paper bag trend. They make you look slimmer. I bought these pants from Promod (latest Spring summer 17 ) collection and decided to pair with a summery crop top. Do you like??

Happy Clicking & keep reading FUF
Shonima Kaul

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