My 7 must watch Work wear inspirations.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I caught up on some movies and with my friends. Isn’t it a blessing to have friends around. Ok so since I have posted a lot about workwear in the past, I thought I will suggest some movies you all can watch for some inspirations. I am a total movie addict cos apart from being my best mode of relaxation, they give you an insight into fashion and style. I kind of derive my inspiration from movies. So lemme tell you my favorites when it comes to work wear fashion. Some of these may not even be in your radar but do watch them just for fun.No. 7
Corporate -  This one is the most obvious. A 2006 Bollywood flick starring Bipasha Basu is about dirty politics between 2 industrial groups. Bipasha plays a cut throat high profile corporate executive. mostly seen in shirts and trousers or pantsuits with minimum make up & pulled back hair. Her look is extremely formal and work appropriate.

Down with Love – I was contemplating whether to put it here or not cos this falls more in the category of my fashion inspired movies. Now this one is not so much about Work Wear but nevertheless it is helpful. If you love vintage fashion then you must watch this 2003 romantic comedy for 1960s styling & glamour.  Renee Zelwegger plays a feminist author falling for a journalist. Its a cute romantic chick flick with a twist. Renee is seen wearing 60s formal dresses and pencil skirts and looks very glamorous. Its a little over the top but that’s how it is meant to be. Just for sheer fun and 60s style watch it :-)

No. 5
The Proposal - Sandra Bullock is a pushy boss who forces her young assistant to marry her in order to keep her Visa status in the U.S. and avoid deportation to Canada. 
Apart from the fact that Sandra Bullock has one of the best comic timings & Ryan Reynolds’ good looks, this movie should also be watched to see her suave dressing style & accesories. Mostly seen in blacks and Louboutin heels she plays the role of a boss to perfection.  

No. 4
Life or Something like it - Angelina Jolie plays a very successful reporter in this 2002 flick, who has set her eyes on this dream job till something unexpected changes her life. Angelina has worn pencil skirts and skirt suits in the movie and her look is glam and sexy. You can take an inspiration or 2 from her workwear style in this movie.

New in Town – One of my absolute favorites when it comes to work wear looks is Renee Zellwegger in this light hearted comedy about this high flying executive from Miami trying to adjust with her life in a small town and having to deal with some harsh decisions. Her dressing, her style, her shoes , her hair, her whole look is impeccable in this movie. It is a must watch to get some style tips from Renee for work.




Devil wears Prada : One of my all time favorite , no points for guessing and so would be for many when it comes to being stylish and fashionable at work will have to be Devil wears Prada. Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly looks every bit of a high flying icy queen fashion editor of the No.1 fashion magazine. Anne Hathway keeps hearing that she has the job millions of girls would kill for, I feel that for her clothes. She is wearing the best that a girl can dream of. Now if you have a job where you can dress up like this who wouldn’t want to work :-) This movie being about fashion industry has lived up to its subject when it comes to glamour. You have no right to read about fashion or talk about it if you haven’t seen this movie till now hahaha. Seriously go watch it.

No. 1
My No.1 pick for work wear fashion is not a movie but a TV series called LIPSTICK JUNGLE.
Kim Raver as Nico Reily looks smashing in this series. Her work wear along with the accessories is something that I would most definitely like to possess. She looks great as this extremely professional, assertive, totally in command yet stylish fashion editor of Bonfire magazine.
Mostly seen in sheath dresses & impeccable jewelry to go with it, she is my no.1 style Icon for work wear fashion. You must watch her in Lipstick Jungle. She is unbeatable.

I am sure you would have seen some or maybe all. But if you haven’t and wish to get entertained do catch these in ur spare time
Have a lovely week & Stay stylish Always.


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