My 5 steps for a better skin!

I have spent considerable amount of time and money on dermatologists in my life in a quest to achieve that perfect skin. To tell you the truth, the only effect it had was on my pockets and very little on my skin. The moment I would get a zit I would rush straight to my doc to cry about it and end up getting Tomato Red with that peel she recommended. For days I would have to hide my face lest anyone should get scared looking at my bruised self. Ah! the things we do to get that perfect skin. After going through my life’s experiences and experimentations with my skin, I learnt my lesson the hard way.
I was blessed with a great skin & then I screwed it.  I just never took care of it and hit the panic button once things started getting out my hand. After stressing, running helter skelter and countless medicated cream applications and popping pills later I promised myself that it was enough and there has to be a way to get things under control . It was actually pretty simple. Well, it’s not peaches and marbles but it’s decently under control (except for those dreadful eyebags that I innocently blame on graceful process of ageing). Here are some of my pearls of wisdom
1. Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising
There is nothing and nothing that can beat the simplest 3 steps of skin care. Now see I wouldn’t render a dermatologist completely useless. Here is where they kind of play an important role. They can help you identify your skin type and therefore what kind of cleanser, toner or moisturizer should you be using.
2. Sunscreen is your best rather only friend
I have been one of those who has been ignorant towards a Sunscreen in early years of my life and hence my skin suffered with minor discoloration and pigmentation. Now I make it a point to use it without fail
3. Exfoliate your skin everyday
Include Exfoliation in your skin care. It won’t damage your skin rather help you in getting rid of all the dead skin. Just ensure that the exfoliator you are using is gentle. I highly highly recommend Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
4. Drink Drink and Drink
We can get the best products in the world and apply them but nothing and I mean nothing works like WATER. It’s your magic Elixir. Period.
5. What goes in comes out
This I learnt over the years. I am a big fitness freak and therefore a huge perpetrator of eating right. Doesn’t mean I do not slip. Ofcourse I do. It’s human. However if you feed your body with the right ingredients most of the times, it will show on your skin. Healthy eating = healthy skin.
Yeah there are many other things like do not let stress effect you and take out time to meditate and sleep well but honestly in today’s times if you tell someone to stress less they might look at you like you are an alien from a world far beyond this universe. So I would just stick to these 5 things I have mentioned above and then wait for gravity to play its ugly part :-) A lot of people ask me when do I think is the right time to start using Anti Aging. I say the sooner the better. Prevention is any day better than cure.
What say girlfriends. Do you agree or do you have a different take?
Stay beautiful


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