My 10 Style NO NOs

So the other day I was sitting at Starbucks with one of my close friends basically doing nothing and chatting about some inane stuff. Simultaneously I was also checking out girls walking in the coffee shop strutting their shopping bags and blissfully un- oblivious to my prying eyes. Oh am I sounding like a total perv here. No No its just that we girls love observing other girl’s style sometimes to draw inspiration and most of the times to make ourselves believe that ours is way better :-)
I love to watch & draw inspiration from what people wear whether on streets, restaurants or parties. Sometimes you might come across something unexpected that looks totally amazing & you wonder why didn’t I think about it. Style is very personal and everyone has a unique one depending on their sensibilities so whether you follow a trend or not is entirely your own choice & cannot be termed as a fashion faux pas. However there are some serious style NO- NOs for me which are kind of unpardonable. Here are top 10 that come to my mind.
Most of the fashion faux pas or disasters stem from choice of wrong under garments. So I suggest pay close attention to what lies beneath.
1. Wrong color Bra under Tees or shirts.
Lots of people think wearing  a bra that is same color as their top will stop it showing through but unfortunately it’s not true especially with white tops. Instead wear a color that is close to your flesh color which will look far more natural. 
I do not understand this fetish of wearing black under white even if you are Anna Kournikova. Seriously a bra popping out – not a very pleasant sight by any fashion standards. Do NOT do it. Simple!

2. Exposed Bra Strap
No No No even if it’s a clear strap. Just because it is clear doesn’t make it invisible. Only bra that looks decent even if visible is a Sports bra and that too in a gym. Rest we are not interested. Even if you are Carrie Bradshaw!!
One exception to this rule if at all essential could be diamonte straps or else please just go with strapless bras.

3. Visible Panty Lines (VPL)

VPL – the common term used in fashion is actually a problem faced by many if you wearing trousers or a tight dress. It can take away from the whole look. I suggest seamless panties or thongs  as an option. Be very careful when you going for lingerie shopping next time & take special care to pick up one of these items.

4. Less is More
I think some people take it too literally. They honestly think wearing lesser clothes will work. Always remember to cover your boobs if you are getting your legs out or vice versa. You will look better and feel more comfortable. Also its good to leave some things to imagination. Pls DO NOT try and pull a JLO. Even she looked tacky.

5. Black may not always be a safe bet

Be very very careful with a Black outfit even if it is covered from head to toe. Some of the Black outfits can be very deceiving as they might have some amount of sheer. Be extra careful when strong light falls on it. It might just get you more attention than you wished for. Especially if the event involves taking a lot of pictures, it could be a perilous affair.

I suggest if you not sure ask your best friend, boyfriend or husband to click a pic in flash OR just wear a slip inside.

6. Exposing Butt crack
Oh Gawd how much I hate to see your butt crack so do me a favor- Stop Bending while wearing low cut jeans.

7. Tight clothes

Seriously whom are you trying to deceive. Just quit it and take a Medium instead of a Small already. I do not understand this fetish of trying to squeeze in smaller sizes and tighter clothes. On top of that you will see them running for Safety pins when the buttons start popping. Puhleeaaase I know you are thinner than me but do not torture yourself any more.

8. Don’t Shoe me please

I am a complete shoe girl. I will always observe what shoe / heel are you wearing with your outfit and I cringe when I see girls wearing some really ugly shoe under a cute dress. It really pains me that no thought has been given to the poor shoe which has the sole power to uplift the whole look.
It’s not just about heels but any footwear that you wear has to be paid attention to. It’s a cardinal sin not to pay attention to your footwear.
9. Bad Odor
Please shoot me before you come next to me smelling like a garbage bag. C’mon girls Odor is the biggest turn on or a turn off should I say. You can leave a lasting impression if you smell like daisies. I know sometimes in this weather with all the sweat and grime we cannot avoid smelling bad but please keep a mini perfume bottle handy. Trust me on this one – Chuck the deodrant keep a perfume bottle.
10. Personal Hygiene
Unwaxed Underarms and a sleeveless top – you do the math!!
Looking at the number of times I have used “No” in this article, you can understand how strongly I disapprove of these style disasters. Do you agree with me
What are the style disasters according to you?? Let me know I would love to know and learn :-)


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