Life isn’t perfect but it does give us some perfect Moments!!

We get so caught up with life & work that we forget to enjoy the small but precious moments. For instance I always have 1000 work related things on my mind when I go out like I have to get a picture, I have to capture this, I have to write about that which sometimes is so silly to me too forget about others. I know I blame it on my work but then realise how much fun I have lost on because I am trying to reduce every moment into a square shaped box. These days you go to a restaurant or anywhere, all we see is people with their phones either taking a selfie or someone taking their pictures or they are busy uploading or snap chatting , instastorying blah blah blah. Going out has just become a mere spectacle that will be displayed in all its glory on FB or Instagram. Yours truly included, Guilty as charged.

Just a few days ago I realised how addicted I am to my phone. I get separation anxieties if I leave it away even for 5 minutes. That constant need to check on messages, mails, social media is driving me insane. Hell, I no longer even wear a watch anymore cos I am so habituated to seeing the time on my phone or what day is it or what date. I even keep notes, I have 200 Apps on my phone. if nothing I will look at what new stuff has come in Zara on their App. I get 50 alerts on breaking news from TOI and the amount of watsapp groups (that i keep coming out of) add to the chaos. So for my own good I have decided to ween myself off this addiction (no addiction is good right?).

Interesting statistics : Did you know an average user touches his phone 2600 times a day and a heavy user 5400 times. That is plain ridiculous.

Like breaking off any other addiction, this one is going to be difficult too cos it seems like my whole life is in it but I am not giving up cos I want to be able to enjoy small moments of life without getting bothered about did I get the right picture, did the person reply, did my mail go, has it been seen. I know its going to be a hard one given my occupation but at least I have made this small little promise to myself.

Coming to this candid shoot with Niklesh of Say Cheeze Photography capturing little joys of life like just a playful day on the beach. Again I started in my usual posing/ work mode which was not what Nik wanted. He told me he wanted me to forget about the camera & let it to be as casual as possible. I was honestly worried about how would it look and with all my makeup coming off in front of the camera won’t I look like a witch. And who are we kidding, me coming out of water, hell I am no Bo Derek. This is going to be hilariously disastrous so in the beginning I was pretty reluctant. However as we progressed I warmed up and actually started having fun in the water. Soon I was being swept away by waves and I was not at all worried about my pictures.  I was just busy having fun with no care.  That those moments got captured was just a byproduct of having fun. The moment I let the pressure off me is the moment I started enjoying and having fun. Looking at these pics I am so glad I had my moment

Are you guys in the same boat as me. Are you addicted to your phones too. Do you want to live some moments with abandon. It would be interesting to know your thoughts. Meanwhile enjoy the pics.


















Playsuit : F21
Shot with Niklesh Malkani

Have a good day

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