Modern day Crowning Glory

So what’s my solution for a bad hair day? Tie a pony tail and wear a cap :) It looks cool and no one has to see your frizzy and unmanageable hair. Isn’t that cool. I love wearing caps and have a couple of them in my collection. However, currently I have a new fascination – Fedoras. They have been around for a long time and came back in style almost 2 years ago. I have been thinking since a long time to get one for myself. If one can carry it off rightly they can take your look to a new stylish level.
A lot of people including celebs are sporting this modern day Crowning Glory so its worth giving a shot. What do you think??

A hat is an accessory we usually never consider as being important but I feel sometimes you should give it a try to change your look and it can make the simplest of outfit look super cool for instance a pair of shorts.

They are your go to style accessories during a hot sunny day or even monsoons when hair tends to get frizzy and sticky.

There are various kinds of Fedoras to choose from depending on when you want to use them.
Wool or Tweed Fedoras are great for winters. The classic wool Fedora, which comes in a variety of solid colors, but is most popular in black, brown and grey is a great accompaniment to a suit or long winter coat.

Straw Fedoras which are the most commonly seen can come in various colors but are mostly seen in the natural straw color

Canvas Fedoras are both durable and classic looking and can come in solid colors as well as plaid and pinstripe.


Lastly the TRILBY hat

This hat is very similar to Fedora infact can be missed for a Fedora. Many believe that the difference between a Trilby and Fedora is fast eroding as they look almost similar. Its just that in Britain a Fedora is referred to as Trilby. But just for your understanding a Trilby is supposed to have a shorter brim which is angled down at the front and slightly turned up at the back. The fedora has a much wider brim which is more level. (as sported by Indiana). Unfortunately few people understand the classification or just choose to ignore it.


Hopefully next time you see these hats you could spot the difference between the two and remember where you read it :-)
Coming back to Styling just pair them with a casual outfit and see the difference


You could tie your hair in a plait and wear them


If your hair is short no problem, looks even more stylish la Posh style

Add it to your Airport dressing style

or to your beach dressing

or on a cold winter day
Wear it anyhow cos its the most stylish modern day Crowning glory
Get the right one and look stylish
Love you all


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