Those of you who have been reading my blog for sometime would know by now that I am an absolute TV Show junkie & at the cost of sounding haughtily snobbish I am not at all talking about Indian television cos I absolutely despise it ( Sorry people). So besides going through the fashion glossies I polished off the entire season 5 of one of may favorite shows “MAD MEN” last week. You must be living under the rock if you don’t know about this show. Undoubtedly one of the most stylish lot on television right now (after Gossip girl has come to an end), channeling the very fashionable 60s era in an interesting and scandalous Ad world are a treat to watch in terms of fashion.
The Season 6 kickstarted with an awesome marketing campaign a few days ago & Needless to say I gobbled up the 2 hour season opening episode without blinking my eyes. I decided that I must stop watching the series for sometime cos It gets frustrating to watch in small bits. I rather wait for the season to end and then do a whole marathon night of Mad Men.
As far as the storyline goes the very charming Don DAPPER errrr Draper seems to be getting into even more darker side of life. What’s with him sleeping with every woman he comes across and then having the cheeks to judge Pete Campbell ( Well, Pete is slimy I must admit but cmon who is Don to judge). As much as I like Don, I think his character is kind of losing the steam and bordering on the lines of getting into Irritating and Annoying zone unless the show directors decide to sort his life issues sometime soon And what’s wrong with Betty Draper. Why is she always angry or Joan getting mistreated by her co workers and getting a raw deal in the whole storyline??  Nevertheless I love the show and John Hamm has performed his complex character with such intensity & intimacy that its unfortunate that he hasn’t won an Emmy yet.

Anyway I am not here to discuss the story but the most amazing & Mod fashion of this show. At least the costume designer Janie Bryant seems to have a clue on what she is doing. The fashion on Mad Men has been phenomenal right from season 1 and seems to be getting better as we move on to later part of 1960s. Undoubtedly one of the best era in fashion according to me which is well reflected in the series.

I still remember Don’s office drawer stacked up with neatly ironed white shirts in season 1 and how dapper he looked in his crisp suits. I remember arranging all my white shirts like that in my cupboard. Sadly didn’t stay like that for even a week :-(

Besides Don, it’s Roger Sterling, the man with witty one liners played by John Slattery who looks extremely suave in his suits and is a natural charmer.

While all the women on the show are extremely stylish with big bouffants, 60s hair, elegant pearls, beautiful dresses… et al , the sex quotient from the beginning has been    provided by Joan Hollaway    ( played by Christina Hendricks). Dressed Up in tight fitted dresses showing off her ample curves made Roger Sterling & all men across the globe go drool drool. She was an instant rage and the newest style icon for women with curves.

Betty Draper (played by January Jones) is styled more on the lines of Grace Kelly. Extremely pretty and graceful in empire cut dresses, softly curled hair or sometimes with a sexy hair updo she is a perfect representation of early 60′s grace and elegance. Though I find her character extremely annoying but her style is impeccable.

Peggy Olsen (played by Elizabeth Moss) the least stylish of all but one of my favorite characters in the show surprises me in the 5th season with her perfect hair and formal yet elegant dressing as she goes on climbing the ladder of professional success in an Advertising firm & is turning into a sort of female Don Draper. Her style transformation is also a reflection of her growing confidence over the years from a good old Secy to a confident Creative director. It’s been brought out very well with her style transformation over the years. Simple but smart shift dresses that were the staple of 60s with sexy kitten heels, scarves and jackets made her look extremely sophisticated yet professional.

Joan Sterling is this extremely sexy / model like secretary who becomes boss’ wife. Her style reminds me of 60s Bond girl. Bright lips, classy updos, big hats. She is a perfect sex kitten.

Mad Men was mainly dominated by 3 women (Joan, Betty & Peggy) till 1st  4 seasons. Enter Megan Draper (Jessica Pare) in Season 5 as Don’s secretary and later his sexy wife bringing in a breath of fresh air along with her.
Her style is inspired from late 60s bordering into 70s era and hence is more modern and stylish as compared to others. Janie Bryant (the costume director) gets a perfect & trendy clotheshorse in Megan.

Suddenly we see her experimenting from floor length gowns to “A” line shift dresses to cropped pants to mini skirts.  Megan also signifies the changing fashion of 60s. She has worn every thing from houndstooth to plaid to Polka dots to leather to ruffles to bright and bold colors. Basically everything 60s and early 70s was famous for. I read somewhere that her look has been inspired by French Vogue from 1960s. Well, it does look very Vogue.

Her character  is more modern, forward & fun of the lot and is capable of surprising you every time. Easily one of my favorites when it comes to Mad Men clothes & styling. Especially her black dress with flowy chiffon sleeves in her sexy but cute Zou bisou bisou performance. Some of her looks from the show :

We are inspired by 1960s fashion and have seen many styles making a comeback in this era especially shift dresses, Cropped pants, Sweaters over pants, Houndstooth, Big polka dots, Retro glasses, Loafers etc. Mad Men did inspire a lot of fashion designers to showcase retro styling in their collection last year and if the show is so talked about, it is only natural that the fashion industry will seek some inspirations and pass it on to us down the line. Time to embrace some RETRO looks people.

Who is your favorite icon from the show?? Well, if you haven’t watched Mad Men yet then I would totally recommend that you do. It is one of the good ones & you also get to see these MAD Men and women showcasing some MOD Fashion of 1960s.

Have a fun week



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