Mint Freshness in Spring Summer of 2013

It looks like Mint Green will be the color to look out for in 2013. I am already seeing it trickling down in the stores and though it’s the other shade of green rather than Emerald, I have a feeling that we will see lot more of Mint this season. Never mind at least it’s all in the family. I was invited recently for Vero Moda S/S 2013 preview and this color dominated their collection. I can already see the hint of Mint making its way on the racks of various high street brands not only in clothes but by way of accessories too. So get ready to rock Mint Green in the Spring & Summer of 2013.
The color whether in its pastel or brighter form is very soothing for the eyes hence a perfect choice for summer.  Something very delicate and feminine about the color. A lot of designers have used it in their collection, Do you remember how much of this color we saw in Kate Spade S/S2013. It was beautiful.
I fell in love with this color when I saw Deepika Padukone in Cocktail sporting a monochrome look. I had my heart set on this color from then.

My favorite would be a knit sweater in this color. Looks pretty awesome.

But there are various ways to sport this color. The options are tremendous.

Add a hint of color to a plain mint green dress with Red Lips. Sexy!

Color block a pretty mint green dress with beautiful heels

OR use Mint Green Shoes to color block your dress, It just doesn’t get cooler than that

Check out this Super sexy MINT colored heels Marlenee by Steve Madden. They are gorgeous. I am so getting them. They aren’t available yet in the Mumbai Store but I have my own methods :-)
Aren’t they gorgeous!!

A bright blazer over black or white works like a charm

on your nails

Arm candy

My favorite right now is the Kate Spade Mint color handbag from their new collection.

or get some funky jewelry

So many options so little money :-( What are you buying??

Go green!!

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