Mess with me :-)

Hi girls.. I know I have been going on like a love song about how hot it is these days and i keep hitting repeat-peat-peat -peat :-) but its really HOT. And growing my hair has not been easy cos its just so painful to maintain it with all this sweat and heat.. On the other hand, I am also glad that my hair has grown a little because  I can do a lot of things with it.
So how are you wearing your hair this summer ?? One thing that has caught my fancy apart from braids is the bun. There is a clean look and a messy look but I like messy a lot better and that’s how I am wearing my hair these days and so are a lot of celebs.
I think because its easy and non – fussy guess that is why its a messy bun. The messier the better and that is why your hair is saying come mess with me!!

I think the best part about messy hair is that you do not need to wash it every day cos the dirtier your hair the better it is for this look and no blow drying and heating and curling. Wow I love to give my hair a break.

Of course there are various ways to do it, either put it up really high like Miley Cyrus or just tie it a little down like Heidi.

The idea is to just take whole of your hair and tie it up in a very casual manner so that you get a very laid back casual chic look without putting too much effort.
Going out in the evening and do not have time to wash your hair, no worries just tie a high bun, curl your lashes, put on some cheek color and dab a lip gloss. Instant chic.

Do not worry if strands are coming out cos honey that’s the look you want. Trust me. Check this one out.. I would want it

And then you can use some bands and all to get this kind of look. These kind of elastic bands are available everywhere. Infact i saw some fancy ones in Accessorise and Forever New .
I also sometimes put those crystal comb clips in my hair to add some glam in the evening

But there are some looks for which you might have to put a little effort like curl your hair and a little bit of technique but if you get it right, the results can be awesome. I love both these looks



The braided look is very in when it comes to buns. Basically you can use a braid as a headband like Scarlett or Molly or wear it sideways like Emily.

When you are mood for some wild fun, go with Gwen’s style. I really like it.

There is a little technique involved in getting a messy look but on the whole it is very simple. Anyone can get it. I found a simple one on the net and I usually do my hair like this. Since its a friday, how about giving it a shot tonight!!

Have fun girls and let me know how well did it work for you.


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