Melancholia!! Long Denim Jacket



I had absolutely no intention of calling this post Melancholic when I shot these pics because there was definitely no sign of sadness when I was shooting them. Infact I was pretty happy but when I sat to edit them I realised that my expressions (especially my eyes) had a certain pensiveness in them. I am not certain why. Maybe I was trying to give a certain look and they turned out to be looking sad. Most of the times I know that my friend Dimple shouts from behind the lens – give me sexy , you are giving me sad!! This was me trying to give a look that turned out somewhat despondent.

On that note I recently finished watching documentary on Princess Diana on Netflix and the thought kept lingering about how lonely was this woman who had the entire world at her feet. She had the most charismatic persona and had media/ paparazzi eating out of her hands yet the hunger to be loved or belong was so immense. To be honest I knew she was famous but that she was so greatly loved and had this huuuuge following / control over people was something I didn’t know. I was rather overwhelmed by the scenes of her funeral. It was like the whole world had descended to pay their last respects. Imagine someone getting so much love from outside and being so empty from inside. It must have been so hard. We often look at someone’s exterior and judge them based on that not having the slightest inkling of the war they are fighting within themselves. It was kind of sad to watch her documentary but I absolutely loved watching it. Throws a lot of light into the lives of so called Royals. I recommend. The other one is “The Crown” Absolutely phenomenal series on NETFLIX once again about the Royal family. I was blown away by Claire Foy and all the others. Brilliant masterpiece. Loved it.
Now since there was so much hype about Stranger things around me, I had to give it a shot (FOMO u see) and Gawd did I get hooked or what!! I binge watched 2 seasons and I am desperately waiting for the 3rd one. Just thought will share my favourite binge worthy shows currently.

Other than that this denim jacket that I decided to wear as a dress (perks of being short) is from Misguided. I am loving the way Denim is getting re invented by the fashion industry. Also Denim being an everlasting trend I love the ways in which we can work this trend in our daily lives. Shot this post in Golden light after a very long time so love the way the light falls. Hope u like it too.






IMG_1193 crop




Dress : misguided
Pics : Dimple

Shonima Kaul

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