Making the Transition – Fall/ Winter 2012

The month of September  is very important in the history of fashion world. It marks Fashion’s New Year and also the beginning of Fall season. Its a time of transition when the Spring – Summer comes to an end and we are slowly gearing up to welcome Winters. World over all the high street brands are getting ready with their Fall collection and once again the trends from the Runway will be seen slowly and steadily creeping into our day to day lives. While we do not have the luxury of many seasons in India but in terms of Fashion we remain unaffected. It’s the time when the stores are ready to offer what’s new for the season.
Time to bid good bye to Tangerine Tango and welcome the new Fall colors for the season. There are plenty to choose from with of course Black & White remaining indispensable colors as always. Let me take you through what all can be expected to be seen from Fall to Winter. 
1. Ox blood is the new Black
The hottest color of the season is Oxblood. Some may refer it as Burgundy or Chianti but the fashion world is calling it Oxblood. This deep rich burgundy / wine color is the new “it” color so prepare yourself to see it everywhere this season. It’s beautiful

2. Cobalt Blue

This striking blue is designers favorite. Its a good option to wear with blacks. Will give that beautiful pop of color to you

3. Green

Its no longer just a color to describe trees, grass or military coats. Fashion world has decided to reclaim green. Think deeper shades like Emerald, Olive or Moss. Pair it with anything burgundy (or Oxblood as they call it) and you are spot on. Just pair it withe neutrals for a warmer look. The color to watch out for this Fall/ Winter.

4. Burnt Orange

While we had Tangerine Tango which was a bright shade of Orange for Spring – Summer, Fall trend is more softer and not so vibrant Burnt Orange. Pair it with browns and blacks and you will be rocking this trend.

5. Teal

Think Rich textures and use this color for a beautiful evening out.

While there could be other colors as well but these are some which I feel will be predominantly seen other than Blacks, Whites, Grays and Navys.

So let’s gear up to make the transition.

Happy F/W 2012

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