Make a Statement!!

Hey People First of all thank you so much for an amazing response to FUFie of the Month ( U pronounced as in TOUGH,  had to mention this cos lot of people I know have been pronouncing it wrongly ). It is truly encouraging and makes me want to do better every time. I for sure know that we all want to see more Real people whom we can totally identify with and I am trying to work out more ways to make that possible.
Coming back to what is my latest obsession. Off late I am drawn towards Statement Necklaces. Those who read FUF  regularly know that I am not much of an accessory person. I hardly wear any piece of jewelry  but I am discovering the potential of these necklaces and let me tell you I am totally loving what I am seeing. More so because it remarkably makes a difference in your entire look and its the new way to get more mileage out of your current wardrobe.
When I say Necklace I mean those big and bold beautiful pieces that scream for attention cos that’s what will help you make a Show stopping Statement , Right??

It is meant to transform your outfit, change the look, spice up a subdued dress or just add more glam to an already glamorous look.

What I like about these necklaces is that they are not just for your cocktail dresses. You can wear them with a plain denim shirt or a white T Shirt or a Tank Top and jeans and they look highly impactful.

That’s what I do these days.. Wear these chunky pieces with the most basic outfit like a romper or a White T shirt and it looks bang on stylish.

I fell in love with them when I first saw Lipstick Jungle. I used to love both Victory Ford and Nico Reily. While Victory (Lindsay Price) wore some of the cutest outfits and accessories that depicted the quintessential free spirited fashion designer, Nico’s (Kim Raver) style was more professional, confident and fierce. She wore some amazing pieces around her neck and that’s what caught my attention.

Then ofcourse came Gossip Girl which inspired many. Apart from Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively ) & Blair Waldorf (Leighton meester), who can forget the Glamorous Gossip mom Lily Van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) and her eye catching statement pieces.
She played the sophisticated Upper East side mom to the hilt and wore some truly elegant jewelry in the show.

Serena of course is a style icon for many and she mixed and matched a lot of these pieces with her casual as well as glamorous look.

Its a very versatile piece of jewelry and the best part is you can wear it with both a casual or a formal attire. They could be pearls, stones, crystals, glass, plastic, shells or just chains. Anything that stands out and gets you a guaranteed second look :-)

Black is the perfect canvas for these glamorous pieces & nothing is more glamorous than black.

Off shoulder dresses are perfect for this look if you wanna go glam

A little bit of evening glamour

Don’t be afraid to put 2 – 3 pieces together. More the Merrier

I love the way Olivia Palermo styles her statement necklaces for a casual day look. I simply adore her style.

Bib Necklaces are the latest trend and will be seen all over

Turquoise stones are my most favorite ones. The color looks absolutely brilliant

These necklaces need not be expensive but look for a chunky piece that should be able to add a pop of glam or color to your outfit. In Mumbai I know Zara has them but the other place to go would be Curio Cottage.

The chunkier, the funkier that’s the rule!!

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