Magic Brick!!


So I thought will give you girls a quick tit bit on Make Up today. A lot of you have appreciated my Make Up in the recent past and some even ask if I have a Make Up artist who does it for me. Honestly I am extremely flattered but to clear everyone’s doubt I am just a humble Blogger who is pretty much a one man army (or one woman if I must say). The whole idea behind the blog is to bring out Real girl’s fashion so if I on my own can do it, pretty much anyone else can.

I usually do not take a whole lot of time to get dressed maybe because I have sort of become adept at it but on shoot days it takes me approximately 45 – 50 min to get ready because let’s face it, you have to be in front of the camera. Now there are a whole lot of things that go on my face during that time which takes a little bit of time. However I will give you one of my secret formulas to get that glow on your face which I almost never seem to step out without. It has become such an essential part of my Make -up routine that just incase I have missed it ,even Ushmi (my photographer) gets upset about it. No kidding I am serious :-)

Its the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick which does the trick for me. I love the way it highlights the cheekbones & mind you in my case they are non existent. So girls I totally recommend to add this Magic Brick in your make up routine. A little bit of it on the cheek bones, brow bone & nose does the trick.

The one in the pictures is “Bronze”. Also I hope you caught the Smokey Eye tutorial by ne other than Mickey contractor
If not here is the link Smokey Eyes with MAC & Mickey





P1060105 a

Let me know if you tried it on :-)

Stay gorgeous

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