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When I was the lesser in know of how to’s of make up ( I still don’t know a lot), I used to keep wondering how gorgeously Jennifer Aniston’s skin  tans. Seriously how was it even possible. So whenever I would go holidaying on beaches I would sit in the sun for hours and expect to get Jen’s look. Can u even imagine how I would end up looking!!  And then it would take me days and days together to get rid of that awful redness on my skin by rubbing milk and potatos and whatever i could find in my kitchen. Not to mention how I destroyed my skin in the bargain.

Many beauty disasters and faux pas later I became a little smarter and came to know about these products that help you achieve the look. On one of my shopping sprees I ended up in a beauty store and was handed over a product called “bronzer”. Wait, my disaster didn’t just end there, I picked up the darkest shade of it and started applying it liberally on my face and looked like an over baked potato.

While I wanted to look like this


I ended up looking like this!! Euuugghhh.

hahaha Hilarious Isn’t it?? so you see we all commit faux pas but unless you commit them how will you learn. So i continued with my experiments till I learnt the Art of bronzing. Now I haven’t perfected it like the queen of bronzing Kim Kardashian  but I am almost there :-) so I thought I would share what I learnt and how I go about doing it.

Summers are a perfect time for the tanned and bronzed look. Bronzers also give a healthy glow and a warm look to your skin so you must include them in your make up case.

To get this kind of look what all do you need. Well, u definitely need a good photographer and photoshop tool :-) but besides that the products you would need :
1. A tinted moisturiser or a low/ medium coverage foundation. Since its summers, you need something light on your face. Refer to my article on Summer Happy skin

If you want an all-over darker / tanned look, go up a shade or two in your foundation then use your bronzer sparingly on areas like the forehead, cheekbones and temples to create a natural-looking tan.
2. A good matte bronzer -  I would recommend going with pressed powder since they spread evenly. I use Smash Box’s Bronze lights or Nars Laguna bronzer and I am medium toned. I would recommend you figuring out your shade when buying these. Just look for a matte, non shimmer ones. This should be 2 -3 shades darker than your skin. I have heard that Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzer is awesome too.


Bronzers, like the word suggests, should be no hue other than varying tones of gold, honey, copper and – of course – bronze. They are used to contour and sculpt the face, or to produce a subtle sun-kissed glow, not take your skin three shades darker. Warning you again- “If you want an all-over darker look, do not try to achieve it with bronzer!” 

3. Illuminator : Also known as Highlighters are primarily used to add subtle radiance to your skin or highlight certain features on your face. Illuminators are available in various colors. You can choose depending on what look you want to go for. Choose a golden one if you want a golden glow or if you want a radiant look go for the pinkish ones. The 3 illuminators that I love are from Bobby BrownBenefit and NARS
 But I believe the Giorgio Armani highlighter is also superb.

Bobby brown shimmer brick in bronze


PS : For highlighting i use the liquid highlighters and then in the end for a finished look I dust the BB Shimmer brick on my cheekbones but you can go just with the brick or with the liquid highlighter.

4. Blush
For me the perfect blush that goes with this look is the MAC Peaches blush cos it also gives that slightly tanned look on my skin. Though many say not to use peach blush but for me it works. However, you can choose any blush you wish to. The deeper the better.

5. Brush
What you need is a fluffy angled brush because it will be easier for you to contour the cheek bones as it it sits properly under it. You can also use a big brush incase you just want to dust off the bronzer and not contour your features. But i would still suggest an angled brush, otherwise you will pick up a lot and therefore dust a lot on ur face.

How to achieve the look
1. Mix a pea size illuminator with your tinted moisturiser or foundation ( take the foundation a shade darker for the tanned look) and apply all over your face for a quick pick – me – up complexion.

2. Apply the bronzer – There are 2 ways to apply your bronzer
Get a Sun kissed glow
If you are new to bronzing I would recommend go with this easy way. Just apply a liitle on your forehead, temples, cheekbones, bridge of your nose and the chin, neck and decollete.
Be light handed and you can build on to the color if you want. You can use your powder brush.

For Contouring & defining your features
This is like applying blush. Use the angled brush instead of your large powder brush as these are generally smaller and a little firmer, letting you achieve more precise definition. 

First, find your cheekbones with your fingers. To bring them out, apply bronzer along the bottom ‘rim’ of the bone and then bring it up onto your apple in a “J”. This creates quite strong definition. If you want to soften the look, round out the colour on your apples.
To make your face look longer or less round, apply bronzer to the contour of your cheekbone and along your hair line. Also shade the outer corner of your jaw line, but don’t continue towards the chin as this will give the face a rounder look. You can also elongate the face by shading lengthways along the nose.
Basically a bronzer has to be applied on the areas where the light falls naturally to give the effect of a natural tan like forehead, under the cheekbones and temples.
To disguise a long or wide nose, concentrate your application on the cheeks, jaw line and forehead. This will take the focus away from the nose. You have to move your hand as if you are making a “3″ – Forehead to Temples to cheekbones and then the jawline.

3. Illuminators are for highlighting so basically wherever you did NOT apply the bronzer you should apply the illuminator eg on the middle of the forehead, brow bones, cheekbones, bridge of the nose & a dot on the chin.
 Apply a little on your cupid’s bow & the inner corner of the eyes. It will brighten up your face
I found this very useful diagram that will help you to understand contouring a highlighting.The browns are the bronzer and the whites are the highlights. Although I do not follow it 100% but nevertheless its pretty useful.


4. Apply the blush on the apples of your cheek, the area between the bronzer and the highlighter and blend it all nicely

Voila, you look totally sunkissed :-)

Remember a good make up is all about blending. no harsh lines should be seen.
Hope I was able to explain but it is all about practice. It isn’t difficult and you will get it in 3 -4 tries.
Always try and apply the bronzer in natural sunlight that way you will not apply more.

Leaving you with some perfectly bronzed beauties




So get burnished bronze golden glow look this summer.

Much love

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