Let’s talk about Headbands!!

I was lazily ensconced on my leather couch one day mindlessly changing TV channels and happened to stay on Femina Miss India for a little longer cos I caught a glance of Malaika Arora Khan. I was intrigued as I thought I saw something different so I waited for a little long to catch a proper glimpse. Not that Malaika hasn’t looked good ever (I for one am smitten by her sexiness and can’t stop ogling every time she appears on screen, I can only imagine what the men must be feeling) but this one was absolutely breathtaking. I especially fell in love with her headband. Immediately made me wonder can headband ever be that one accessory that could complete an outfit and yet make you look extremely sexy??

I have had my share of love affair with this accessory but it’s been a pretty on and off kind of relationship. I have always associated a headband with a cutesy girly look or maybe an accessory that is best used to keep your hair from falling on your face while washing it or applying make up. Until Blair Waldorf came in 2007 and changed the whole perception. Suddenly Headbands were considered hip & cool& ¬†fashionable. I will confess I picked a few and after giving them a try and still coming out pretty unconvinced abandoned them like they never existed. Now they are stacked in the handle of my sliding door pretty much looking at me with despair and disbelief at the shocking desertion.

The thing is I was still not convinced they could make an outfit look better. Cut to Lupita Nyong at Oscars in a Blue Prada dress with nothing but a dainty gold band to accessorise. Jaw dropping right??The image stayed with me for a very long and now Malaika in her Michael Kors gown with a studded headband. Is it a coincidence or are these seemingly obscure pieces making a comeback in a more sexy manner and more importantly can someone as average as me make these pieces look good??

Well, the only way to find that out is by giving it a try. What do you think about headbands. Should they be given a chance to compete with other statement accessories.. Would appreciate your thoughts.
As for me I think they should :-)

Stay Stylish


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