Let it Rain over me !!


It has practically been impossible to step out last whole week because of Rains in the city. The whole traffic has been thrown off gear and like always & as expected our government has been successful in doing absolutely NOTHING in terms of infrastructure thus adding to the misery of a common man but hey who’s complaining!! Everyday you see lakhs of people braving up to these almost inhumane road & traffic conditions and carrying on with their lives on the bumpy pothole filled roads of Mumbai. What I can no longer understand is that should we be feeling sad at our helplessness or should we be lauding ourselves in the garb of “spirit of mumbai”. Whatever helps you pull thru!!

The thought behind this post was not to crib but to figure out what to wear in this weather and look “cool” in the rains. The other day I gave my car for a wash and decided to WALK back home. Before I begin I have to tell you that
a) I was rendered transport-less therefore walking was not by choice as much as by force
b) I consider walking a far less riskier option than taking those deadly Rickshaws that look like they might topple down any moment in their insane race against a high powered Merc or a Beamer or even a Ferrari.. Yup no kidding they think they can beat anything on this earth.

Anyway so the worst 15 minutes of walk whereby my jeans were totally drenched not so much by the drizzle as much by the water that splashes on to you when those cars so emphatically meet those gigantic puddles of pothole. Happy feeling when you are inside the car enjoying the rains while listening to some romantic music… not so happy when you are on the other side and do not know whether to save your life or your clothes. lets not even start talking about my feet :-)

However all was not lost as I did manage to save myself from head to waist with my only savior – the UMBRELLA. While I did turn some heads walking on the road – No No not because of my cool sexy demeanor (as much as i would have wanted that) rather my grotesque gait while trying & failing miserably to save myself from the splashes and my consequent angry looks at the passing vehicles. What saved those lousy 15 min of walk to become a painful memory were 2 young college girls coming and asking me where could they find the umbrella I was carrying cos it looked really cool. Yay.. Carrie Bradshaw moment happened. At that very moment it struck to me that not only is Umbrella your knight in shining armor but is also the most taken for granted accessory in the rainy season. They are actually the unsung heroes. What do you think???
Do not forget to read some tips from me for the Monsoons at the end of the gallery











Trench : Burberry Brit , Booties : Zara, Umbrella : streets of New York

1. Avoid wearing long clothes especially Jeans. Instead try wearing a dress or a skirt (preferably the ones that don’t fly so that you could save yourself a Marilyn Monroe moment.
2. If jeans / pants are your go to wear then try and stick to dark colors
3. Experiment a little and figure out a look that suits you with your hair tied up cos humidity is a bitch and no amount of straightening or Blow Dry works. case in point check my hair in the pictures.
4. Try and keep your feet covered. Rain boots are best but i understand you cannot wear them everywhere. Something closed so that your feet are protected. I wear these booties everywhere.
5. Invest in a great trench. It’s timeless
6. Umbrellas like I said are taken for granted but they can actually add a lot to your look. Look out for a chic piece.
7. Last but not the least AVOID walking on the road as much as you can especially if u stay in Mumbai cos nothing will save you :-)

But despite all its woes. I love rains. I find them extremely romantic so have fun and spend this time cosying up with someone you love

Happy Monsoons

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2 thoughts on “Let it Rain over me !!”

  1. Really loved your post and wud love to see one on rain boots amd where i can find some in mumbai tht dont look tacky and are affordable..also you have used this umbrella in a previous post and i absolutely adore it and have pestered my mom to find me one but no luck so if u can suggest a place where i can find something similar it wud be a huge help
    PS – I am so addicted to your blog ♥♥

    1. Thanks Ayesha.. I think you could find Rain Boots at linking Road, Bandra. I have seen some there.. Also try Tresmode. Unfortunately, I have not yet seen a clear Umbrella here in Mumbai but I would keep a watch and let you know if i find something similar.

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