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Hey guys. Hope you doing great. It’s been a while since I have put up something on the blog. It’s been a busy few days plus I wanted to take a break for a while. Sometimes a break can do you a world of good right? Life is great and things are looking up. Actually the reason I felt like writing this today was cos I wanted to share something with all of you.

We all go through periods of darkness and sadness and I am no exception to that. I have had my fair share of downs but what is very important during such times is to keep faith in oneself and hang in there. Know that one day things will start falling in place. The most crucial thing is Don’t give up. If you feel something from your heart and you feel it is what you really want then believe me it will happen. It will just happen. Bring all your positive energies together and let it flow towards what you want and wait for the Magic to unveil.
Everything in our Universe is Energy –  everything you see, feel , hear , perceive. Energy always moves. The fact that you can hear, see or smell – means energy moves and you are capable of turning it into vibrational frequency.. Our thoughts are energy. As soon as you conceive and entertain a thought, it immediately flows into the universe and attracts like thoughts. They in turn attract material manifestations of the similar energies. Miserable thoughts attract more misery and good happy thoughts attract happiness and abundance
“THAT WHICH IS LIKE UNTO ITSELF IS DRAWN” is the premise of the Law of Attraction”The only way to manifest new and improved version of outer world is to change the vision within yourself – your inner vibrations, your inner thoughts.    3 things I try to practice

The first and foremost thing we need to learn is Self Love. Lack of self worth is a killer. If you feel you are no good and keep repeating that to yourself, you will keep attracting more such circumstances. Instead, you have to tell yourself that you are a Rockstar :-) and you are the best. Keep repeating it till you believe in it.

Last few days I heard a lot of people saying lot of good things about me and I felt that if so many people can see so many positive things in me then why am I blind towards them. Why do we need others to appreciate or validate us to feel good. Why can’t we do it for ourselves. So I practice Self love consciously so much so that I could come across as shameless haha.

Let go of Resistance – Resistance thoughts are our inner energy blocks. It is also mainly because of lack of Self worth. It could be towards people, situations etc etc
One of my very close and dear person told me the other day “You are ruthless and it’s a great quality in you. You don’t look back” which is very true. I ruthlessly eradicate the unwanted. (it takes a while but I do). What I leave behind I leave wayyyy behind. I don’t look back. Be it people, things, situations. I like to move forward because the reason its been left behind is that It was no longer serving my purpose. If in future it comes in my way then I am sure it is meant to come. Till then there is no need to mull over it. How it helps me is that If I don’t let it enter my life I have blocked the negativity to come inside of me. These are mostly people. If someone has hurt you or your energies don’t work well, eradicate them from your life. Don’t let that thing bother you forever.

Also Learn to compliment people. It is a great way to let go of Resistance. When you compliment someone, it is a flow of good energy and it blocks you from thinking negative about the person so try and compliment 5 people in a day. Be generous with your compliments.

Practice Gratitude – Life is beautiful and we just need to believe it with all our heart. Always be grateful and count your blessings. Everyday in the morning Say 5 – 10 things you are thankful for.  Send Positive energies to the universe and wait to receive them back. Universe will reward you for being kind towards it. It is the Law of Attraction. Practice, it works!!











Outfit : ZARA, Earrings : Arabella
Pics : Dimple

Shonima Kaul

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