Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Super cool!!

What is that one piece of item that you canNOT leave the house without. For me it has to be my phone.  Our whole life kinda revolves around this one piece of instrument. Mails, Watsapp, Facebook, Twitter , Instagram & yes the most important thing – the camera we just can’t do without any of these things. We have become slaves to technology. Sad but True.
I am a huge fan of Samsung Note Phablet. Initially I felt a little awkward to carry it due to its size but believe you me I now love it for exactly the same thing – its size. I love love love the camera & have shot many a pictures with it even on my vacations. It’s just great. I have been thinking for a while to change my phone So last evening when I was invited for the launch of the new Note 3, it just looked like a sign from God :-)
Yesterday in a special event, the nation’s current favorite Parineeti Chopra launched the new Samsung Note 3 & Galaxy Gear smart watch. The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a slim profile of 8.3 mm thinness and is light in weight at168 grams.  The Note 3 is equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera.. Whoaaaa I am sold!



The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is a 1.63 inch touchscreen device is indeed a tiny mobile phone on your wrist with an 800 MHz processor. The dial of the watch is 36.8 mm in width and 56.6 mm in length. 

The galaxy gear allows you to stay connected with your device without having to check it again n again. So you can see your messages, talk thru the Galaxy gear and even take pictures. 
How cool is that !
The watch exclusively works with the Note 3 and hence the company has opted to offer the Note 3 as a stand alone purchase and in combo pack with the Galaxy Gear.

I especially loved the premium looking feel that it delivers by way of a textural back cover & delicate stitching. For all you fashionistas Note 3 will be available in various colors apart from classic Black & white and they are also providing variety of back covers. I hear you will get them in pink, blue etc.

Sexy !! Right.. Now for all you Style conscious people, it is quite a statement to make. What do you think ???


And yes that’s me at the event :-)

Do check out the new Galaxy Note 3 & let me know how you feel :-)
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