Last bit of winter!!


Hello lovely people. It feels like ages since I have put up a post. I have been travelling a little bit and working on improving my skill sets in various other fields. It’s a constant learning process right? I am always getting inspired by other people’s work and want to work on bettering mine. Unfortunately it also leads to me scrapping a lot of my work because it feels so blah to me sometimes hahaha. Just being honest you know. That is one of the reasons I have been MIA from everywhere. I am forever hungry to make myself better which is good but sometimes not so good cos it is impossible to be perfect and we all gotta start from somewhere and make do with whatever we have and can do.
Anyhoo I thought let me just put up something there before you all forget me :-) Also have to say that the weather is so cool currently. I am dreading summers, mainly because it gets so hot and humid in Mumbai and I hate that so I am trying to make the most of this weather currently. Sitting outside in coffee shops or taking long walks or sitting in my small little balcony cos OMG the weather is so grrreaaatt.
I took this opportunity to wear this somewhat high neck ribbed top. I love the slight hint of red in this look. I was just scrolling thru the sale section in Zara and found this textured leather skirt which I luuurrrvv. While people on the other side of the globe are layering themselves in thick furs and leather jackets and woollen coats I am happy creating this Mumbai winter version for myself cos this is as cold as it can get here.
Also wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Let’s celebrate love, not just today but everyday of our lives. Have a great week.




Black and red collage 1




Top , Skirt : Zara, Shoes : H&M

Shonima Kaul

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