La Vie En Rose!!



This is how I choose to see Life – through Rose Tinted glasses where everything appears Rosy, Blissful and cheerful. My fasciation with this phrase is from the time I first heard Edith Pilaf song & then Louis Armstrong version of it ages ago. TBH it stuck with me for its haunting, Romantic & seductive music. I never tried to understand the meaning behind it. Everytime I heard it, it would just take me to Paris streets holding hands with someone I love and walking around with this music in the background. Gradually I started paying attention to the lyrics, understanding the meaning & it started making so much more sense. The phrase holds such a deep meaning for me that I got it etched on my body. I feel that we get so negative about life all the time that there comes a point when everything starts weighing us down. That’s when the whole blame game starts about life being unfair to some & so fair to others. It’s so sad that we keep waiting for miracles and when we do not see one happening we get so dejected. What we don’t realise is that the miracle is actually in our mind, in our thinking, in the way we approach things. What you think, you believe. What you believe, you Create. That is the simple truth. So it totally depends on how you want to see life.
As far as I am concerned I see my life in Pink, I feel great, I feel happy, I feel Optimistic, I feel awesome, I see Romance in life, I forget about depression, worries, negativity. I see life through Rose Pink Glasses. It also means that I TRY (try being the key word) not to depend on others for my happiness rather feel fulfilled from within. That is the way I choose to live my life. How about you????

It’s so funny that once I got inked with this phrase, I happened to find these Rose Pink Tinted glasses just like that in a flea market. I felt it was a message from the universe that I am on the right track. Isn’t that awesome!!!

About my look. I love love love this nude colour dress. I thought it looked very chic so wanted to base the whole look on sophisticated Glam. We found the perfect wall to shoot against. If you look closely & I meant with microscopic lens (cos we couldn’t capture through camera lens ) I have tried the GLITTER lips that are absolutely on trend.. will attempt doing a separate tutorial on that if I could figure out how. But they look so so so glam …so next time you going for a party I suggest try them on. They are super easy & so on trend.
PS : And I am a lot into cuffing up ur sleeves thing these days. I think it looks totally awesome.

Guys do let me know how you like the look.. Meanwhile I am shooting a couple of Indian looks.. will soon start putting them up.. Anything in particular??? Suggestions are most welcome. Have a stupendous Day , week, month, year.. love u all.


















Dress : F21, Sandals : F21 , Cuff : F21 , Trench: Zara, Sunglasses : Flea market
Pics : Ushmi

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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