Knotty affair !!

Hi girls, So while on the subject of Rainy day hair blues which I shared yesterday in my Glam Tips section, I still feel the best way is to just try different hairstyles. Of course with messy hair being so in vogue, it just makes our lives much simpler. No washing, no blow drying, no ironing but having said that getting the messy look is a technique that you need to master. I thought will share a little tutorial that I found on Because I’m addicted with you on a friday evening so that you could give it a try during your evening out.. It’s super easy and if you haven’t washed your hair or do not feel like washing it, then this one is for all you lazy ones.. I am kinda lazy myself today so definitely trying :-)
pic courtesy : beautyjunkie
I had seen it a few months back in one of the Michael Kors runway show and have ever since been wondering how to get this knotty & messy affair going. As luck would have it during one of my researches I did find it out.. Thought will share it with you all.. Do not worry there is a little video tutorial in the end if you do not get it from the pictures

Tie the 2 sections in a knot

Tie the ends together in another knot and secure with some bobby pins at the nape of your neck

Pictures courtesy : Because I’m addicted

Ta-da so simple.. Right!!

My Tip : Though it’s not mentioned in the tutorial ┬ábut Make it as messy as possible with some backcombing. Messier the better!!

Try it out and let me know how did that work out for you all.

Have a wonderful Friday evening with your loved ones.


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