KISS by FUF for Abiti Bella!!

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Hi Guys.. I am super excited to reveal my BIIIG secret. I have been working under wraps on this one for months. I can not even believe that it is about to see the light of the day. Please bear the length of this post cos I want to share the whole experience with all of you.
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Many of my friends & well wishers have always come and asked me as to why haven’t I started designing clothes myself but I never thought that the timing was right. Also I am not a designer. I can’t draw a straight line let alone sketch something so I kept waiting for some kind of an opportunity to knock my door & I was positive it would, cos clothes are my passion. One fine day I got a call from a brand named Abiti Bella and they wanted me to come up with a limited edition line under their umbrella.

Abiti Bella have been retailing their clothes for past 2 years on reputable e – com sites like Myntra, Jabong , Flipkart & Amazon India and have carved a market for themselves. They wanted to expand their audience and were pretty impressed with FUF’s sensibilities. They approached me and said would back me up totally for this new venture. Needless to say I was nervous, at the same time very excited to take up the opportunity. They instilled so much faith in me by saying it would completely be my baby right from conceptualising to the Final product. It was a huge responsibility that made me very very very nervous but the people at AB made me feel so confident that I agreed to take the plunge.

I flew to Delhi to understand the process behind manufacturing & had new found respect for these start up e tailer companies cos it is really a lot of hardwork. I sat down with the team for some endless discussions cos when it comes to clothes & fashion I love to talk :-)

I came back and started working on what was it that I wanted to give to people. One thing I knew for sure that It has to be something I would love to wear and should say something about me. Also it had to be economical. I am not a very fussy dresser. I love simplicity in clothes. For me the cut & the fit is very important. I would turn a simple dress into something noteworthy by accessorising with the right stuff or would just wear them with the right shoe. No fuss No muss.
fuf AB4
After a whole lot of brainstorming & back n forth of ideas I came up with this concept of :
KISS – Keep It Simple, Silly.
This line is all about channelling my inner girl so its girly, flirty, feminine, fun, shows a sense of humour, shows personality, helps in putting a smile, is upbeat, uses colours & mixes prints. Despite being Girly I wanted it to be chic & sophisticated.
It is inspired from a whole lot of clothes I see everywhere. Some bit of this, some bit of that. I have also tried to keep the current trends in mind & kept the fabric extremely soft, simple & lightweight taking into account our weather conditions.

fuf AB3
Please note that this range is a limited edition so has a very limited amount of pieces in the inventory. If you like anything they are available through Myntra , Jabong, Amazon India under the brand name -ABITI BELLA & while you are there feel free to check their other collection too. I have provided you with the links below to take you straight to the piece. I cannot provide links to MYNTRA cos its a phone app so pls feel free to go & purchase there.

Without further adieu, here is the LOOKBOOK for my first ever collection & who better to advertise than your ownself cos like I said I would first want to wear it myself & feel good before selling it to any one of you. I really hope you like it.. Check it out & do buy if you like any of the pieces.

PS : A heartfelt thank you to everyone at Abiti Bella for putting their trust in me and providing me with this wonderful dream like opportunity.. Also a special thanks to Ushmi & my brother Saawant for back to back shoots and lovely pictures. I will also do a detailed post on each of the dresses this whole week. Here you go people – Shop till u drop!!

Military green jumpsuit available on Amazon India , Jabong

Fuchsia Chambray skater dress available on Amazon India, Jabong

Palazzo & shirt set available at Amazon India,  Jabong

Scooter print coord set available on Amazon India , Jabong

Black panel floral dress available on Amazon India,  Jabong

Checkered Retro dress available on Amazon india ,  Jabong

Aztec printed coord set available on Amazon India,  Jabong

Navy Blue Faux wrap dress available on Amazon India, Jabong

Navy Blue Jumpsuit available on Amazon India, Jabong

Pics by Ushmi & Saawant


Military green Jumpsuit Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Pink Chambray dress Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Palazzo pant shirt set in black Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Palazzo pant shirt set in fuchsia Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
scooter print coord set Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
 Black panel floral dress Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
checkered Retro dress Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Aztec print coord set Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Navy Blue faux wrap dress Amazon India Jabong Flipkart
Navy Blue Jumpsuit Amazon India Jabong Flipkart

I hope you guys like what you see. Could I please request you to share with your friends and family and help it become successful.. Thank u very much in advance.. Keep watching this space for detailed posts on each dress.

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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2 thoughts on “KISS by FUF for Abiti Bella!!”

  1. wow, this is amazing initiative and the dresses look fab, you have really put your heart in designing them, wishing you all the very best with this new venture and AFAIK it will rock. Personally I liked all of them.


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