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The other day I received a few frantic messages from my friend cos she had just decided to splurge some money on herself and wanted to know where and what could she pick for office wear. Now since I am carrying the baton of being Miss Know it all for Fashion by way of my profession I suddenly was under tremendous pressure to perform.
I rattled off a few names that came to my mind but she seemed pretty disappointed with my options. She finally let me off the hook by saying you have to do something for office wear on the blog. I promised her I will do my best.
The Vero Moda Fall Winter collection had some great pieces to work with for my current look and especially this jacket was great to tie it all together. Let me tell you, It’s very light weight ,so good for the current weather in the city. Ofcourse when it comes to corporate wear we seem to have limited choices but i guess with a little mix n match we can work a look. case in point throwing a jacket over a plain top can make the look very office wearable and chic at the same time. I jut want to tell my friend that I know its Black and Grey but I will keep looking for more :-)




vero Collage 1




vero Collage 2IMG_4817

Clothes : VERO MODA current collection, Shoes : Giueseppe Zanotti
Pics : Ushmi
Location courtesy : Brewbot

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