Keep Calm & Go On!!


“Peaceful & Calm Mumbai”, I know is an Oxymoron. We Mumbai-ites love to live on the edge, day in and day out in the midst of the hustle bustle of this city that never sleeps. Traffic snarls, busy streets, angry pedestrians and super hyper motorists we see them all and yet life goes on like nothing has happened. It’s just another normal day in Aamchi Mumbai.
Stress is the paramount word in everyone’s dictionary. It’s also their predominant state of mind whether they are aware or not. Everyone is in a hurry to reach somewhere & that somewhere could just be nowhere but the hurry is inexplicably important to survive :-) ..Influx of amount of gyms is showing that people are getting more n more health conscious but I feel its all a garb to look cooler than the person next door thus adding more to the stress.
We just celebrated International Yoga day. What is it – Another fad?? or a marketing gimmick?? Suddenly you will see a whole lot of Yoga centres coming up, now that Mr Modi is the brand ambassador. I wonder where is all this leading to?? Peaceful mind or more business opportunities that adds on to the stress levels!
I sometimes experience real calm when I have to get up very early for my shoots and go somewhere near the sea. Its peaceful and tranquil out there though only for a few minutes or max half an hour. The pace is slow, the city is just waking up and the crowd is so less. I feel I can breathe & sometimes even hear my heart beat.

In a city like Mumbai where Tension and Anxiety is a part of day to day life, here are 10 things I practice to keep myself sane. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t but nonetheless I keep reiterating them to myself. I thought they might help you too if you practice them otherwise they are just words we all have heard several times.

1. Que Sera Sera – Whatever will be will be. It’s the most important thing I have learnt in life. You could fret, fume, stress or do headstands but whatever has to happen will happen at its own time and pace. Just do your deed and let life unfold.

2. Cut out on Negativity – People, things, thoughts whatever brings you down. Identify them & then be Ruthless..Just cut them off.

3. Failure is Inevitable – If you try to do something new, you have to be super duper lucky to succeed in the first go. You WILL fail but you have to keep trying. No matter how many times. Just be at it.  Nothing comes easy.

4. Friends are family - This is the family you create. Cut out the drama and keep your circle small and tight. Many people will come and go but by now you should have figured out who is worth keeping. They are your pillars. They are your fallback plan. Do not get confused between friends and acquaintances. Not everyone has your back. So be very careful.

5. Cleansing – I get these bouts of cleaning fits once in a while. I read somewhere long ago that hoarding and unclean places breed negativity. I keep throwing away stuff every 3 -4 months from my house. If I haven’t used it till now chances are I won’t ever. Just cut out on the mess in and around you.

6. Words matter – Sometimes we take relations and people for granted. we think the person will understand. Well, some people are  dumb like me.  We need to hear it :-) So say “I love you” more often and also Say “Sorry” if need be. No egos. Don’t be shy to express yourself.

7. Keep a Pet – Animals are the biggest stress buster. I am not allowed to keep a pet but I spend a lot of time with my neighbour’s dogs. I love them to death and cuddle up when I am feeling low. They are the cutest, most selfless, innocent and affectionate creation of God. Just to see them play and jump on you brings so much peace & happiness.

8. Exercise – It’s the best form to release all the pent up energy. Don’t go because you want to get that dream body. Chances are you won’t get it & feel demotivated…It has happened to me. But then I realised it requires a completely different level of commitment, discipline & routine. Exercise because it helps your mind to focus and release all the stress. It’s a shrink less therapy :-) That you will start looking younger, feel fitter and gain confidence is a byproduct of the therapy


9. Meditate – Learn some form if you can. You don’t have to become Dalai Lama but reigning in your thoughts can help you to steady your mind. TBH even I am looking out for some course. I don’t practice this yet but its there in my list of priorities.

10. Always Believe – Lastly Believe in yourself. Believe that you are the best.  Remember Kareena Kapoor’s famous line ” Main apni favourite hoon”..Keep saying that to yourself. Ok don’t get narcissistic & annoy people.  Do the best you can & then Believe that this is the best that I could do & leave it to the universe to work its magic. Believe in miracles.

Jumpsuit : Zara, Heels: Christian Louboutin, Clutch : Boutique in Udaipur, Earcuffs : F21

That was my Guru Mantra. Beat the stress and stay happy people

Lots of Love
Shonima Kaul

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