Kashmir Diaries – Part I

Hi people. I am so excited to bring to you this post from my Motherland. I was born in Kashmir and raised in Delhi. From there on moved to Mumbai for my livelihood and never looked back. I have vivid memories of my summer vacations at this beautiful place when life was so simple and carefree. I remember asking my mother as to how come no one locked their doors and no one ever rung a bell to get inside someone’s house. Coming from Delhi it was something I couldn’t bring myself to understand but these simple seemingly trivial things gave me tremendous joy. Endless walking and Tonga rides were a part of day to day life and people all around were helpful and cheerful. Ah! Life was so peaceful.
Today I return after 2 decades to pay a visit to this still very beautiful valley of Kashmir and cannot express the ambivalence of my feelings. On one hand there is extreme sense of joy and happiness to come back to this still very beautiful valley but at the same time it saddens and pains to see the plight of this state. No longer are people that carefree and no longer is this a peaceful state. It hurts to see ¬†how Kashmir once a valley of flowers has turned into a valley of “Guns n Roses”.
However, it doesn’t take away the scenic beauty of this place. I had been longing to get away from Mumbai for sometime to a place where I could find some peace of mind and forget all the things that weigh you down in your day to day mundane life. Coming to this land of snow covered mountains just helped me shutout my senseless worries for sometime. The beautiful Dal calms you and the majestic mountains help you breathe some fresh air. Bare snow covered landscapes in the month of Feb being watched from beside the warmth of fire is a joy that cannot be explained but only experienced.

I got an opportunity to experience snow fall for the very first time and it was breathtakingly beautiful. To wake up to something as beautiful as a white morning was a scene straight out of a Yash Chopra flick. I was dancing with joy feeling like Chandni (*wink*). I haven’t parted with my camera for a second also cos I want to absorb & capture as much beauty as is possible in this short time. Needless to say that it was super cold and even after layering myself with as many pieces of clothing as I could carry I was still freezing especially in Gulmarg. Brrrrrrr!!

Leaving you with some pics from first 2 days. I have been going a little berserk on Instagram so you could follow me there on FASHIONUFEEL.

Hope you liked the pics.. will bring you some more in a day or two. Meanwhile I am in paradise and I do not wish to come back but sadly will have to. Have fun & be good

Lots of love


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