Just wasn’t my day :-)

Hola people.. so I am back from my first swim this summer and let me tell you it wasn’t easy.. This is despite me being a regular gym goer and a semi – decent runner. I could only manage 16 rounds of my less than 20 meter pool. Anyway it wasn’t a planned effort. You see I have been more than reluctant to go for a swim citing various excuses to myself starting from tanning my skin to spoiling my hair to skin allergy to too many kids in the pool. Actually its my laziness to go through the entire process of getting prepared to go for a swim and then getting rid of all the chlorine content in your hair and body afterwards. It IS painful…Somewhere at the back of my mind it is also the awfully dreadful feeling of getting into a bathing suit. Should I or shouldn’t I be putting my Michelin tyres on display??
It all started today morning when I went to get a couple of pictures clicked for my style shots and returned back horribly disgusted with myself cos probably it was just not my day and whichever angle I would try to pose from it just didn’t gel with the camera lens. On my way home, hightly dejected and de motivated with myself I made a call to my BFF (who is on a speed dial in these kind of situations) and ranted out my pain for almost 1 hour cos hey that’s what BFFs are for :-) After an hour and a half of “why me” & discussing every body part and the pain caused after 8th rep vis a vis 100th rep,  breaking down the diet plan to the T & counting the grams of protein intake (yesss it was a ridiculous conversation & I love my friend to death for putting up with my outburts) we reached a conclusion that I need to have a change of exercise plan cos things aren’t working. Theeeere goes my years of hardwork. It isn’t working!!!
After sulking for almost half a day, gulping down a whole giant Starbucks Caramel Macchiato and finishing half a bar of chocolate that has been lying in the refrigerator for months I decided that It was too petty an issue to get wired about. I read my own daily motivations and decided to finally take a plunge in the pool.  One it would ease my mind off the horrible day I have had and secondly it’s a change of exercise routine. The end result I feel re charged, re energised and re -motivated. I immediately knew Today wasn’t my day but Tomorrow it will be and I am in no way giving up on what I like doing. The Results – Oh they will come, they have to :-)
So yeah it does happen sometime when you totally lose it and feel dejected cos you don’t see results in anything you do,  not just exercise but work or life in general. It is possible cos you are only human..Yes you have the right to sulk and feel let down but in the end just gather yourself & take that plunge into the pool of optimism. You will see the positive effects in the time to come. Life is too short to be wasted.
Have fun & I will see you tomorrow with some happy thoughts !!


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7 thoughts on “Just wasn’t my day :-)”

  1. I really like the way you write girl! Very fresh and very frank compared to all the other fashion bloggers out there… Good job.

    Discovered you blog very recently… but am already a fan!

  2. You are such a positive happy go lucky girl,sweetie who has so much to offer to the world, a few Michelin tires are unlikely to get in the way or hold u down. U are beautiful as it is! Life comes in a package that is hardly perfect. What can be perfect is the sense you make of it all !

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