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I have been absent from Blogging for a while but active on my social media instead. The reason being I have been in a conundrum of sorts for a while. Apparently if you don’t boast of some insane numbers on your Instagram, you are not taken as a ‘serious Blogger’. That kind of put me in a flux of sorts. I keep wondering if that is what Blogging has reduced to. Just putting up pictures in that now so famous square and hashtagging all the possible words that might get you likes on your post. Then what is the difference between me and a non blogger who has a huge following and gets same or even more likes???

For me Blogging started as a passion, a platform to connect with people. I would write about things I felt from my heart. My likes, dislikes, trends etc which gradually took an interesting turn into showcasing personal style. However even through those posts I have always attempted to stay connected to my readers and talk about things that are relatable. It pains me to see that probably that is no longer relevant cos we are living in an age where Fast food is anytime more welcome than gourmet. It’s cheap, its fast and its less laborious. To me Instagram is the fast food version of Gourment Blogging. No longer is anyone interested in what you have to say or the content you are creating or a story you want to tell. Everyone is looking at what you are wearing and from where can you procure same or similar stuff. Initially people would deliberately NOT put that information on Instagram so that readers/followers would take that extra effort to click on the link button to get the source details but unfortunately the same can be tagged in your tiny box and voila all the information is right there at your fingertips so why waste time!!

So in a typical herd like mentality I decided to chase numbers and concentrate on what is the “Norm of the Day” cos well I want to be considered ‘serious’. No matter how much work or thought you have put in creating your content, it doesn’t matter to your clients or industry.
I will be honest it did increase my numbers on the said social media but in no way did it satiate my creative appetite cos what the hell, isn’t everyone doing the same? The thought of giving up Blogging has occurred innumerable times cos it does get depressing and one has to be highly self motivated to continue. I have created a whole lot of non – sponsored content & that requires a great deal of conviction in yourself to go on but the dilemma continues. Should I be sticking to what I believe in – creating good meaningful content for people to read or should I be chasing numbers? This is the debate that keeps going on in my mind but time and again my creative mind takes a beating cos my logical mind says that this is the Norm if you have to taste success. So till the time I find some right balance, just going with the flow & maybe keep creating some content as well.

If at all you make it to my blog (chances are dim) do comment on my conundrum.. will be a great help.

PS : Those of you who have stuck with me and time and again appreciated my work, thank you so much for your help and support.

Sorry if the post sounds like a rant but honestly these are just my thoughts taking shape of words on an empty canvas.
Meanwhile enjoy some of my visual creations where my love for Tassles is pretty much evident
Have a great day












Top, Shorts : Zara, Earrings : Aquamarine, Sandals : Aldo
Pics : Dimple Rana

Lots of Love

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One thought on “Just Go with it!!”

  1. Hi
    Always nice to read the blog
    Feels more connected
    Keep it up
    Stay Happy
    Stay Blessed
    You are Simply Gorgeous
    Take good care
    Have a nice weekend

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