Just Do it !! Nike Skirt & Off the shoulder Top


There is no time like TODAY, there is no moment like NOW. If something is in your mind and on your bucket list , I say put it now in your TO – DO list and just f#$&in do it. We tend to get lazy and lethargic and put things away. We do not know how to prioritise our life. To understand What is important What is not so important is also an Art. Sadly even I have not mastered it yet. But there is one thing I have decided that if something needs to happen I gotta move my ass and make it happen.

There are no things as Failures. They are just opportunities disguised as setbacks for you to get stronger and fight back harder. I have always prided myself for being balanced and a realist but sometimes things just do not go in your favour, no matter how hard you try. The best thing to do is leave it at that and trust the process of life. If its not working maybe we need to focus our energies on something better which needs our attention. We can look at failures in 2 ways – either we can sit back and keep finding faults in ourselves and the situation we are in or we can just think of it as a diversion from that route and take another one cos maybe that route was not the best to take after all.
All I am saying is that we might think it’s the end of the road from where we are standing BUT a slight turn at the bending which we had missed earlier because we were stationary could just be a new beginning to much greater things. All you gotta do is trust the universe, keep moving and take that turn. Don’t just sit and mull over things. Get up and try and do something different.
If you can’t change the direction of the wind, you can atleast adjust the sails to reach your destination. Right?
Just a little change of perspective. That’s all. Just Do it!!







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