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It was my birthday last week and I can’t believe I am one more year older. Just a few days ago I went down the memory lane when I came across some of my pics when I was much much much younger like 17 /18 / 23/24 I just cringed at the sight of those pics. Gosh I have transformed so much. Earlier this morning my friend sent me a very old pic of mine and I was laughing in the bed. We were discussing how stupid we used to look with our 90s haircut and 90s Bollywood influenced style. In my opinion and most of you will agree that Fashion was going through the roughest patch in those times and the ones caught in that era had some ridiculous stint with Fashion and Style. The nets and the frills and the frocks can not even be spoken about today. We laughed and laughed and my friend said “Gosh we are old”. The thought does strike me many a times. We sure are getting older. However, I refuse to feel like one.

I started blogging wayyy later in life. If you see the bloggers around me, they are all in their 20s – in their prime and youthful. Does that make me feel old. Hell, no. Ofcourse there is a limit to everything in life and I know that one day i won’t be able to click pics like this anymore, I won’t be able to wear clothes like this anymore & I will have to tone it down so might as well go full throttle.
I always believe and will repeat that Age is just a number. The more you keep telling yourself you are old and this is not appropriate for your age , the older you will feel and then what. Its just over. Rather grab life by the balls and give it your best shot. Honestly I have not felt fitter, sexier and more confident about myself than I feel today. I am trying risqué & bolder looks. I go out of my comfort zone to do that little extra and I feel good about it. I don’t care what people think about my age, I know if I can pull it off I will feel good about myself. I have never pretended to be younger. I am very well aware of how much risk I can take and I go for it. Believe me It’s just a number!!!

Coming to this dress, I had my eyes set on it for a long time. I saw it on Juhi Godambe (blogger) and its from her Brand Arabella. A lot of you appreciated this dress on my Insta story so I had to shoot with it. I love the Asymmetrical details and the futuristic design vibes. Contrary to that I wanted to give this shoot a vintage feel (a la Audrey) cos I love how classy it looks. I like some of the stuff from Arabella. My only gripe is that the sizes are too small. I can hardly fit in them but maybe because Juhi has targeted it at the younger generation. However like I say Fashion should have no Age limit and if Juhi ever reads this article I hope she makes bigger sizes because I am sure a lot of people would love to wear her label :-)














Dress : Arabella, Choker : Forever21
Pics : Dimple Rana

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