Join in the Ring party!!

Move over Arm Party… It’s all about Rings these days. Rings of different shapes and sizes one on another.. Rings on middle finger, on Index finger, on pinky finger, Rings on tops of Rings. It’s just about stacking them up and you have a Ring party going on. A trend seen on some of the best fashionistas all over the world. Edgy pairings to mindless pairings, it’s all allowed. Instead of a traditional stack up place rings at different sections of your fingers. The best part is they are not those big cocktail funky rings. Instead they are these small excruciatingly dainty pieces that stacked together randomly form a Ring party.
I have forever been a fan of Rings. For the longest time that was the only piece of jewelry I would invest in but I have converted myself. Now it’s about anything that makes a statement. However a Ring Party would be my favorite. It’s subtle yet makes a great statement!

You could extend the love to all 5 digits

or get one eye catching knuckle ring and pair with a simple band

A sexy manicure will help :-)

Experiment with different shapes by altering between sleek and edgy styles

Index finger, middle finger, pinky finger.. there is one available for every finger so what are you waiting for.. Go stack ‘em up and make those fingers look sexier :-)

Girls, I am using some old rings that do not fit me any longer and do not go all the way down to the base. So dig that jewelry box for some hidden treasures else you will find them in Forever 21.
Do u like the trend??

Stay Stylish


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