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With the summer break on the anvil, I am sure most of you must be planning your vacations. Time to go out of your respective cities for that much deserved break. I am planning to go out for a while too but don’t know when. So wherever whenever you are going, do not forget to carry ur style along with you right from the time you set your foot on the airport. Airport is the new runway girls, that’s what Victoria Beckham says :-)

But I am no Posh Spice. For me, while traveling especially long distance I prefer comfort without completely compromising on style. I am not the one to give heels a miss but I opt for flats or platforms when on the move. You never know how long those immigration and security checks will take. Right?? Plus you do have to walk a lot while lugging ur handbag and your purse along so its best to go for a comfortable footwear.
I still prefer the much despised , considered to be ugly (by fashionistas ) velour tracksuits a k a Juicy Couture. These are my travel staple and I have a couple of these in my wardrobe. I feel they are quite stylish without compromising on comfort.

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If not Juicy then I prefer leggings with a loose tunic top. These look great with flat sandals, ballet flats, flip flops and even boots. Add a scarf, an oversized bag and  sunglasses ,you will look like a celebrity and might find some paparazzis chasing u :-))

You can also wear them like Sonam Kapoor with the same long shirt styled differently on 2 occasions

I am not a sports person (unfortunately never learnt any) but the Pseudo Sports Star in me loves the Sporty look. I would go for that look when it comes to comfort. Achieve it with a hoodie or stylish tracks. I love Abercrombie & Fitch hoodies.
PS: I personally prefer cross body bags while travelling. They are easier to handle while u r pulling the other luggage and they look really cool with this style.

I also like Boyfriend jeans for the sheer comfort value. They are loose and comfy. Wear them with a Tshirt and flats & they look great. Add a cross body for some style.

For added glam throw in a jacket or a scarf with it and these make u look high on style.

Coming from a hot country, going to a hot country shorts are a very good option. Adding a cap gives it a little twist.

Cargo pants is another comfortable way to travel. Pair it with a stylish bag. Wear it Kate Bosworth style  with a see through blouse or Kim style with a long shirt and jacket. Flats look cute with them.

Jeans ofcourse is one of the style staple for Airport fashion. Either with a T Shirt or a long shirt or a tunic top. Pair them with ankle boots and they look sexy.
I do not prefer wearing skinnies when traveling long distances unless you plan to change in the aircraft. Otherwise they can be quite uncomfortable.

Traveling to a cooler place, keep urself warm and stylish with Ponchos, jackets , cardigans and yes boots.
I love boots, they can easily lift your style quotient but my only grudge is that it can be really painful to remove them and again wear them while passing through all the security checks so I mostly avoid wearing them but if you do not mind doing it, Go ahead. They are the best way to make u look uber glam

I mostly wear them when I know I don’t have to take them off for checks & when I am not traveling long distances.  They look super sexy with skinny jeans or tights

But when I am in a mood for some sexy glamour, these would be my go to looks :-)

My checklist  of things to carry :
1. A smart handbag
2. My sunglasses
On long flights
3. Something to keep me cosy –  a long scarf or a knitted cardigan
4. I always carry my NAP socks. They are so soft and comfy. I hate the ones airlines give.
5. A lip balm cos ur lips will get chappy with all the dry air
6. A good moisturizer (Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Believe me it is awesome ) cos your skin will become extremely dry
7. A book or kindle
8. I pod with my favorite playlist
9. Some mint or mouth freshner. Your neighbor will thank u for that
10. A very small perfume bottle within permissible limits.
11. And my passport :-)

Always remember to drink lots n lots of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times and take a walk in the plane once in a while to help blood circulation or you will get cramps

My Tip : When going on long flights, after a while scrub ur face clean with a cleanser and apply LOTS of moisturizer on the face through the flight. That way your skin won’t feel dry. Once you are approaching  your destination, you can wash ur face and do the touch ups for a glam landing.

So plan your vacations like now and if you have already planned them, Have a super holiday and keep reading FUF.


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