Jadore DIOR!!

Practicality & Feminine thy name is DIOR. Raf Simons just finshed showing his Ready To Wear Fall Winter 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week and yet again it was a spectacular mix of utilitarian meets chic & contemporary, la Simons style. A futuristic environment of cloudy blue sky and silver metallic mirrored globes which reflected the models as catwalked wearing the house’s creations lent a surreal feel to the show. Raf’s second RTW collection lived up to the expectations and with 2 other couture collections that garnered an amazing response he has ensured a solid foundation for himself. Now all he needs to do is keep building on to it and the result will be a successful brand.
He is good in mixing past with the new and bringing it out in a relevant manner. His collection reminds you of the age old heritage of DIOR without loosing the aesthetics of today’s modern era. He has married the past with the present in his indigenous style. Therefore it was a delight to see Andy Warhol inspired designs being used so aesthetically on accessories or flowy dresses. Some of my favorites were these Warholian pieces that we got to see and were the highlight of the show for me.

The color palette was Blacks, Greys, Whites and light pink with just one stunning piece in luscious Red with a sash which truly stood out amongst the rest.¬†Amongst coat and coat dresses was a stylish tuxedo dress in charcoal grey and flared styles with white linings. The leather flared piece especially was so so gorgeous. Interesting use of DIOR’s staple houndstooth motif especially under a crochet dress.

Accessories seen at DIOR show were pretty interesting too

Pictures taken from Million looks.com & The Sartorialist

I don’t write or talk much about fashion shows though I keep a track of what’s going on cos I find many of them pretty irrelevant but I do bring to you some of the shows which appeal to me cos they are wearable designs and truly inspirational form of fashion. According to me fashion should have some dose of reality to make it relevant. I like to draw inspiration from them and apply whatever little I can. I know very and I mean extremely small percentile can afford to buy a DIOR but that’s not the point. The point is to get inspired and take out the best that one can. Having said that DIOR is one of the aspirational brands I hugely wish to own some pieces from one day. Raf Simons has successfully managed to bring DIOR to people.


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