It’s Natty to be Catty :-)

It is fun to be catty sometimes as long as you are not nasty. Requires a little bit of wit. Don’t you agree. When it comes to being a good girl or bad, I lean a little towards bad. Just shows your mean streak which is kind of sexy hahaha.
Anyway in this post I was proclaiming my love for Catty Make Up rather than the expression.
The hottest trend that was seen last year and is still around and will be for the rest of the year are Catty Eyes or Winged liners. 

They have been all over the runways and a lot of celebrities have been seen wearing them case in point the lovely Adele. There have been so many make up looks inspired by Adele that its not even funny and all teaching us the winged liner..Woohooo Adele.

But let me ¬†tell u a little secret about me. I am a sucker for Old Hindi movies and my all time favorite actress has been Sharmila Tagore. I used to be soooo fascinated by her style especially her eyes that I would keep trying her eye make up even when I was 12 years old and at that time that look was so outdated that my friends would make fun of me. Obviously cos we were approaching 90′s and I was living in 60′s. I had to eventually give it up but till date whenever I see her movie I have to try her look. (secretly inside the 4 walls for a long time… lol )

So Imagine how happy would I be when this look came back. Now I don’t have to hide. (That’s a different thing I still don’t wear it so often cos I need to perfect it)

Winged liners give you a kind of mysterious appeal and make you look sexy. You don’t need to do anything else with the rest of your face. Just keep it plain and simple

Classic Cat Eyes with nude look

But Cat eyes look equally sexy with Red lips. Makes you look kind of ethereal.

There are various ways you can wing the liner. For eg:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

And then you have Double wings which looks awesome

Pic 4

Pic 5

You can get innovative with Cat Eyes

Pic 6
Pic 7

I have to tell you that it is a little difficult to get perfect Cat Eyes in the beginning and you need hell lot of practice to get them right. There is no trick just Practice. However will give you a few tips from my experience. I am still working on getting them right. Phew!!

1. I create a line in white pencil first. Think of an imaginary (slanting) line from outer corner of your eye towards the end of your brow. That’s it draw a line with white pencil. White because if you do a mistake (which you will in the beginning) its easier to erase white. Once you have got the lines on either side. Then work with the liner. It will be easier to wing it.
2. If you are a beginner use liquid liner. Ensure that the brush of your liquid liner is pointy. The effect wont be so good but you are still learning. The best is to use a gel liner but don’t use it till u have somewhat learnt to line ur eyes because believe me its difficult to use a gel liner. You have to be fast cos it dries up soon and then it gets that much difficult to draw anything. let alone a line
3. Try a hand mirror. Keep it down so that your eyes are automatically facing down. That way they won’t crease.
4. I always do the foundation and concealer later. It helps me to clean up all the mess.
5 Last but not the least. BE PATIENT. You will get it, you just have to keep trying it. Practice makes a man perfect.

One step at a time. Just try the simple one first as shown in PIC 1 & 2. Just try flicking the liner.

There are a lot of make up tutorial on winged liners on YOU TUBE. Just take a look at them. They might help you but ultimately you have to keep trying on urself. That’s the Trick :-)

My favorite products to achieve the wings

Most Important TIP : Invest in a very good brush if you want to perfect this look. It is the key to get that straight line.

Leaving you with some beauties

So have fun being Catty :-)


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