Its a Dangerous love affair !!

Hey People.. Wassup with you all. I recently read a very interesting fact somewhere and would like to share it. Did you know that  22 percent  women would be willing to give up sex, 36 percent would give up chocolate, and 37 percent would choose them over a nice dinner out. All this for a pair of shoes !!

This might sound crazy but such is a woman’s obsession with shoes. So all you guys out there if you 
wanna keep your girls happy then keep buying for them , you know what :-)

Another interesting fact 43 percent of women confessed they have been at least moderately injured by shoes and eight percent reported serious injuries like sprains or breaks. Despite that our fetish with shoes does not end. I have myself broken my ankle because of heels and my first question to the doctor was “I certainly hope you will not tell me to stop wearing heels!!” Thank God he did not refer me to a psychiatrist. So you see its a dangerous love affair
I am an absolute shoe fiend. I love collecting them even if they are sitting pretty on my shoe rack. If collecting shoes is your new found love then I will help you with building your shoe closet by taking you through some pieces that you must have. Even for those who already have a closet full, you can go through the list and see if you have one of each of those mentioned by me so here we go -1. The classic Black Pumps – I am sure you all must be having them but get the best. Do not get stingy with these cos they are a must have essential for every woman. Refer to my article “Color of my sole”

2. Nudes cos they are the new blacks : Yes, they HAVE replaced the classic blacks for many. They are the most sough after color. Almost all the shoe brands big or small have nude shoes cos women all over the world know the power of going Nude. 

3. Ballet Flats : For those long tiring days when you know you have to spend endless hours standing or walking or shopping, what better than a pair of flats. Ballets  look super cool and help you get the casual chic look without compromising on ur style. Kate Moss is the queen of Ballet flats. You can check out her style for inspiration. Again available in whole lot of styles and colors they are a must buy.

4. Crystal Flat Sandals
This summer an absolute necessity is a pair of flat crystal sandals. I am not a big fan of gladiators cos I don’t think they suit everyone but you can not go wrong with flat sandals especially if they are studded. The best thing about them is that they look good with everything and if you have the height then you can wear them for a night out with your friends as well with a nice flowy dress. Otherwise the best way to feel comfortable and look great. Wear them with shorts, dresses or short skirts.

5. Metallic Heels : A silver or a gold metallic or both are a must in your closet for those special occasions and they look really good with Indian wear apart from Western. You just have to find the right pair.
My Tip : When it comes to metallic, there is a lot of bling available in the market. Do not buy over the top bling. If it’s your 1st go for an elegant everlasting pair which spells class and preferably sandals. Learn to identify between downright Bling and class.

I love silver manolos. I feel they do bling very well but so do others.

6. Clogs : They are considered a fashion disaster by many but if you want heel with some comfort then clogs are for you. I am warning you that there are many ugly ones available in the market but there are some good ones also so make a conscious choice with your clogs.

7. Wedges or Espadrilles : These are comfort heels. These heels give you the luxury of walking in them for a longer period of time without getting very tired. They are available in platform versions as well as simple wedges. Ofcourse depending on the shape and the size the degree of comfort varies

8. Wooden Heels : A pair of wooden heels in Tan color are my personal favorites in this category but they also look good in other colors like I have them in Orange

9. Boots : Now just give me a pair of boots and see me going from Normal to sexy. That’s what boots do to you. They just change the look completely. They are available in various lengths. Get the ones that suit you the most

10. Booties : A close cousin of boots, these became very famous with advent of Gossip Girl but our Posh Beckham has always been ahead of the curve.

11. Statement heels : And once you have all these, a pair of statement heels is an absolute must. These according to me should be the show stealers, the hero of your ensemble. They could be bright colors or just a very catchy design but every woman must possess one of these. Right now I am on a hunt for one such pair to add into my collection.

So open your shoe closet and see what is missing and keep adding to your collection

But girls just buying is not enough you also need to take care of your possessions. Here are some tips that I have found from various places which have helped me. Hoping they would help you :

1. To remove grease stains from leather rub in washing liquid, leave it to dry and then brush it off.
2. For boots, stuff newspaper in the calf of the boots. It will help u retain the shape
3. Break in shoes by wearing them a hour a day at home, before wearing them out.
4. For wooden heels use furniture varnish to shine them, works well on patent leather too
5. Linseed oil and vinegar work well to shine up the un – colour treated tan leather heels.
6. If your soles are slippery, rub sandpaper on them to create a grip.
7. Loosen leather around the heel by putting them over an arm chair and hitting it with a hammer (Great tip for wide feet)
8. Last but not the least…Smelly feet? Get a pedicure often, but also put an orange or lemon peel in the shoe over night!

If you know anything more please please tell me, I would love to know all the helpful tips to keeps my shoes in best of condition.

Hope it was helpful

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7 thoughts on “Its a Dangerous love affair !!”

  1. Great article, I must say it covers the entire gamut of must have shoes that all women must have.No need to really look beyond.
    But would like to add the ever so likeable and comfortable sneakers to the list. They now come in so many bright colours and glitters. Ideal for an afternoon shopping in the sun.Saves your pretty feet from tanning:)

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