We as humans are constantly seeking inspiration in our day to day lives. Between the everyday drudgery of life, happiness & sorrow, daydreaming & everyday struggles, one is always looking to balance out things. During such moments something that catches your attention and makes you shift your focus (even momentarily) to bettering yourself can be construed as Inspiration. It can come from anywhere – movies, books, people, nature, songs & now a days Social media or may I say our Instagram feeds.

I actually “follow” a very limited amount of people (aside from few close friends). I like to keep my feed clean cos by following I am actually trying to appreciate, learn and gain inspiration from their work be it Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Photography, Styling or just life lessons. Well, Inspiration comes from multiple places. Right?

Having said that one person who I have been following even before the Digital media exposed us to multiple talents and made it easy for us to connect with the world is Victoria Beckham. I have followed her evolution from POSH spice to being a paparazzi favourite to a style diva next to her hunk husband to a mother of 4 & to now a self assured extremely successful Fashion designer & entreprenaur. Her journey for me has been incredibly Inspirational and Aspirational. She is my Woman Crush Everyday :-)
So one of the days while scrolling down my Instagram feed I came across VB’s Pre fall 2017 collection that kind of stuck in my head for the longest possible time. I love the clean lines and the no fuss designs created by her which somehow makes a woman look classy and chic.
This look today is somewhat inspired by my forever favourite Victoria Beckham. The uniqueness is in the simplicity of the outfit which to me is very ‘VB’.. Hope you like it.














Top, Skirt : zara (current) , Shirt : Mango (old), Sunglasses : Charles & Keith, Shoes : Christian Louboutin
Pics : Dimple Rana

Stay Stylish
Shonima Kaul

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