Who is Influencing / Inspiring you??


The other day I went to meet a friend of mine and I was very happy to see her like always but what made me even happier is her Style transition over the time. I have known her for years as this career woman for whom clothes were merely an absolute necessity because hey you can’t turn up naked at work. But today she takes great pains to figure out what would suit her body type and how well can she accessorize her look with the right bag and the right shoe. In short she has turned into this Fashion conscious woman who is slowly and gradually discovering her own style. Everytime I see her at some dinner / party I shriek with joy cos she is looking really good. I asked her what inspired her to do so and she being the sweetest soul she is didn’t hesitate to give all the credit to FUF. It suddenly made me wonder where exactly are people taking their Fashion inspiration from Nowadays? Who is influencing your Style?

There was a time when Fashion shows and Fashion Magz used to inspire people but they no longer seem to be relevant now. I will be very honest to say that sometimes I find these trends they show in fashion week so exaggerated and forced that they almost appall me. If at all we get around making sense of it what about the price points??? And where exactly do you see these Runway trends?? Who is able to afford them?
Yet you see more n more people getting fashionably inspired these days. Where is all the inspiration coming from?? What has changed??
In a world where Social Media has become more n more prevalent & mind you there is no escaping it, the way we consume Fashion has changed so much. It is the Social media *Boom*. Thanx to it We are creating our own little fashion community by way of Facebook feeds, Instagram feeds, Pintrest boards or Google feeds. We are following the people who inspire us in someway or the other. It somehow seems more doable now that THAT Real girl in that blog or that Instagram is doing it. It could just be that friend of yours who is born with the “oh so cool swag”. The social media has brought us closer to Fashion. Now we know different ways to wear a scarf or a Belt or those dowdy pair of jeans we would never touch otherwise.We are getting more n more aware of Fashion around us.
Another great thing that I realise is that it’s not about just following the clothes it extends far beyond that. For eg. I love to see where my favorite Influencers are eating or holidaying or partying. I almost went to all those places while I was in the US (well as many as I could afford). So you see they kind of become your ready reckoner cos you have chosen them to be the closest to your style / Interests. I have my own set of influencers bookmarked so that I could keep referring to them. They have helped me evolve my personal style.
Today this Digital Media has given many of us our own voice along with the platform to inspire others consciously or subconsciously and slowly the Brands are recognizing the importance of these Influencers. No wonder apps like liketoknowit & COSIGN are being made to make it easy for us to shop what they are wearing. Its a fast moving sometimes very fast moving Runway which is closer to our own interest & lifestyle choices.  More personal , More Relatable & More Intimate!
Having said that I also feel there is too much clutter. Style is very personal. The ability to take what works for us and blocking the unwanted noise that is shouting at us from everywhere is the mark of a good Fashionista. So get Inspired but do not forget to Re-invent your ownselves.

What do you think about these Social Media Influencers, Who Inspires your choices.  Do you think it makes sense??

Stay Inspired

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One thought on “Who is Influencing / Inspiring you??”

  1. Hi Shonima – that’s a very well written piece. While aping celebrity fashion is not practical most of the time, with fashion bloggers, it seems closer home, more in touch with reality. Which is why people usually find it easier to follow. But you are right, fashion is a personal thing and while it’s ok to seek opinion, advice needs to be customized and applied to suit one’s context.

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