So if you currently walk into any high street store you can just not escape the Denim – mania that has hit the streets. Ofcourse Denims are not something we are new to, its just that they are getting cooler and cooler by the days. The whole Canadian Tuxedo and Denim on Denim term has taken the Fashion world by storm. Also Denims are no longer just limited to Jeans / shorts. I am loving the whole Denim trench trend these days. This is besides all the iterations of the Non basic jeans that we are seeing like frayed, cropped, flared, extremely distressed, printed or embellished.

Once considered a clothing item depicted for being rebellion to now a garment that is widely embraced, worn and loved by everyone around the world – Denims surely have come a long way. I thought I would let you in on a little history.
They were originally designed as work wear for labourers in late 19th century. It was much later that they started to be worn as casual wear as was being seen as a symbol of Rebellion. The statement one was trying to make was that “Oh I am so cool I don’t need to prove it by wearing better clothes!!” made even more popular by likes of Marlon brando and James Dean in 1950s both representing non conformist attitude to American way of life. Jeans were soon banned from Schools which only added to the fervour with which teenagers embraced them. In 1960s they penetrated into the American middle class. Most of the protesting college students started wearing them to show solidarity towards working class. they soon became the symbol of democratisation. The other reason for their likability was that they were easy to wear, comfortable, rugged and affordable. they conformed to the body in way that matched the most finely tailored clothes. This versatility and ability to become anything is the reason for Jeans becoming the no.1 staple in our wardrobes. And then rest is history. Today we see Denims as a part of our daily lives and we cannot imagine a life without them. Interesting Right??

Coming back to my look I found this really cool dress at ONLY the other day and since they are running some cool deals on their Denims currently I picked up a few things from them. They had some nice collection of denim shirts, funky jeans, overalls, crop tops. I am sure you will love it. Now Denim dresses are supposed to be very casual but I loved the semi formal vibe this one gives so I styled it in a way that it doesn’t feel casual and you could wear it to an evening out. Aaaaand Don’t miss my Charles & Keith box bag that went perfectly well with my dress. Hope you like it.















Dress : Only , Sandals : Bebe, Bag : Charles & Keith, Watch : Burberry
Pic : Ushmi Kanakia

Stay Stylish girls

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