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I was recently following Amazon India Fashion Week being held at Delhi, the theme for which was “India Modern”. I love it because it fits totally with my Fashion sensibilities too. It connects modern to ethnic. The designers have gone to great lengths to bring this concept alive on Runways. The revival of Gold jewelry paired with modern silhouettes. The traditional Indian pieces being worn with fluid drapes just changes your perception towards these ornaments that we have only imagined with Indian wear. Can you tell me just  how many times has a Sari Reborn??  The innumerable times this traditional piece has been twisted and turned to make it as contemporary as possible is phenomenal sometimes hilarious. I mean we are now shortening the length of this garment to drape it as a Dhoti or wearing it over pants or doing some random things with it!! I am wondering how Draupadi would feel about it.

Having said that I salute the vision of these creative people who give us so much inspiration to work with and somewhat transform these ideas in our daily wear. We are seeing a massive wave of this kind of fusion all across. Bindis with shirts & jeans, Jhumkas with dresses, or Maang tikas with denims seems to be the direction in which our Modern India is moving. I remember a lot of eyebrows being raised when Sonam Kapoor was seen in a nose ring at Cannes Red carpet a few years ago. Many went on to say it was Blasphemy but that seems to be the norm today. More and more people are adapting risqué fashion. The weirder the better :-)

Looking at India in a contemporary way is the theme I thought of taking this festive season so I have decided to work on a fusion between traditional & modern. Mixing and matching everyday modern wear with something ethnic is the way I look at dressing up this season. So I chose this Anarkali to be worn as a cape over my denims. The simple ensemble has been brought alive by these beautiful pieces from Aquamarine Jewelry. I decided to wear something modern yet with a hint of Indianness & these beautiful gems just drove home the point.

This is the first post for this festive season. Wait for some more to come. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
















Denim Dungarees – Only, Anarkali worn as cape – lokhandwala market, Jewelery : Aquamarine, Shoes : Christian Loubutin
Pics : Ushmi Kanakia

Happy Festivities
Shonima Kaul

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