In the Pink!!


Both literally and metaphorically!!
I always tell people I love the most to take care of their health – Physical and most importantly Mental. It’s so easy to get stressed out in today’s day and age. Fast paced lives literally leave us breathless by the end of the day & not only does it effect us physically but it takes a toll on our mental well being. Crazy deadlines, Relentless work pressures, Unnecessary competitions, Overambitious Goals , Never ending Greed & Demanding Relationships leave you exhausted. While its easy for anyone to say don’t stress it but you and me both know it never works that way.

All I want to say is that the physical well being can be taken care of by exercising and eating right & resting, what can endanger our lives is the mental wellbeing. How does one combat that aspect. I am no expert at it and even after fighting it for years I am defiant to call myself a winner but there are a couple of things that have helped me and I can definitely share them with all you. These are just a few simple things that I have altered and it makes me feel good. See if they help you.

1. Spend 15 – 20 minutes with yourself alone as soon as you get up. It could be meditating or just talking to yourself. Call me crazy but I do keep talking to myself. It helps :-) Stretch your arms as wide as possible and feel happy to be alive. Think of all the things you will be doing during the day. “This will be an amazing day” – Say that aloud and jump out of the bed.

PS : Phone is offlmits. You can check it later while having tea/ coffee

2. Take a Social media detox once in a while. I know information is Power but remember sometimes Ignorance is Bliss too. I keep repeating to my friends – “Do not compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlight reel.” Sometimes everything you see is not true, its make believe. I take a detox every few months. I don’t see things I don’t want to see. It works; Trust me.

3. This sounds very easy but this is the most difficult thing to do cos it requires a change of thought process. it’s a constant struggle but if you can achieve this, half the battle is won. It’s Being kind to yourself.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take it easy. I used to be cruel on myself. I would keep beating myself for not being perfect at things and it took a serious toll on me till I realised I don’t have to be good at everything cos I can not be. I can be the best version of myself and sometimes it may not be enough, so be it. This is all I can do and I will do my best Always.

4. Surround yourself with happy Positive people. You are a sum total of people you spend your time with. Choose wisely.
And find a confidante. someone you can trust with things cos trust me Talking helps.

5. Find something you love and let it kill you – Take up a Passion Project. Guys you need to find something you love love love doing. It may not be related to your work but you could pursue it on the side – singing, dancing, writing, poetry, fitness, trekking, driving, painting, public speaking, playing an instrument or a sport. Just do it. I cannot emphasise the importance of doing something you love doing. It’s the biggest stress buster & an emotional vent.

I truly hope that these pointers help you in some way or the other. Try incorporating them slowly and see yourself getting into the Pink of things.

Coming to my Outfit. Do I need to say anything except for that I love the way this look turned out. Do let me know how you liked it in the comments section.







Ace of spades Collage

Ace of spades Collage 2



Ace of spades Collage 1


High collared top : Missamore, Trousers : Zara, Heels : Steve Madden, Earrings : Curio Cottage
Pics : Ushmi

Stay Healthy

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