In the New – “STRETCHE”

“I have this little substance abuse problem…. expensive footwear” – Carrie Bradshaw
This saying is so perfectly apt for me. I am a Shoe Fiend!! I think I have pretty much established that fact with all of you. There is something about shoes especially heels that makes me so weak in my knees. I can’t resist buying shoes. I see a sexy pair and I am already doing cartwheels in my mind and my stomach starts churning. I am not joking. I must have spent a fortune on them and now I actually have no place to keep them. They have occupied space in every corner of my house. Obviously I get these very angry looks from my husband & Eye rolls from my brother every time they see me wearing a new pair. There have been incidents when I have tried to smuggle shoes inside my house away from the prying eyes of my husband but then I do get caught cos hello, can you ever hide these gorgeous things!! My brother actually thinks I should invest money in something useful and worthwhile. Little does he know how  worthwhile this investment is. A new pair of shoes can actually change your life – just ask Cinderella.
Gladiator heels that were seen on the Runways last spring are here to stay and they are just getting sexier. I have been scouting for the right pair and came across these Steve Maddens called “Stretche”. The thing is that these elastic bands are so comfortable that they keep your feet pretty snug.  Now I know wearing heels can never be comfortable but the degree of comfort varies depending on different styles and these I must say are pretty comfortable and good looking. What do you think??

Stay sexy


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