In My Bag !!

It is a known fact that I am obsessed with bags and shoes. I never seem to get enough of either of these 2 items. I always insist that one should invest in at least one great hand bag. It goes a long way cos you can use them for years. Ensure that its a timeless piece and do not get caught up in trends (if it’s your 1st , 2nd or even a 3rd purchase)
I know the price tags can rattle you up sometimes but it’s worth every penny spent. It remains your prized possession and imagine how good will it look as a hand me down legacy to your daughter or your daughter – in – law. My dad handed me a 4 decade old Patek Phillipe & I thought it couldn’t get more rad.
I still remember when I bought my first expensive bag, it was an LV Trouville and I felt like I had conquered the world. No kidding!! My love affair with Louis Vuitton stays till date so when I thought of getting a tote for myself, I couldn’t imagine buying anything other than an LV “Neverfull”. It’s been on my wish list for long and I am happy to cross it off my very long lust list. Gifted to me by my cutest husband for my birthday, It is currently my Go To bag and I can carry my whole world around in this tote.
What is in my bag at this very moment??


  • RayBan Sunglasses – can’t do without them ever.
  • Louis Vuitton Mini planner which is more like my diary. I am very bad with planners.
  • Bobbi Brown lip & cheek tint.
  • NARS Token ,  MAC Meher & Lakme 9 to 5 Red Chaos - My lipcolors of the moment.
  • J’adore – a mini perfume in the bag is an essential item.
  • Dior Lip Maximiser – It is my most favorite lip gloss.
  • Kiehls Toning Mist –  Quite Refreshing for these hot days of October.
  • IPOD – I simply can’t do without my music.
  • My Samsung Galaxy Note - But of course! (not in the picture tho)

Have  great weekend!!



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